A project from our hearts | Festival of Dreams/Jam 2nd July, 2011

On Saturday, 2nd July 2011, DREAM:IN hosted the vibrant ‘Festival of Dreams’ – to share DREAM:IN with the neighborhood of Indiranagar, and to share what we have accomplished and where it’s headed in the future.

We would like to thank everyone who made it so early on a Saturday morning to believe in this movement. Pictures have been posted on the DREAM:IN Facebook page.

Keep an eye on this space for a detailed report on that day! Read quotes from our Dreamers of Indiranagar and have a look at the artistic, young minds of Ressurection School and see what they dream for their neighborhood. Learn what happened in New  York and Brazil.

All this coming up!

India, A ‘Model’ for the World

DREAM:IN was fortunate to work with innovative and creative minds from Parsons The New School for Design, New York. Heico Wesselius shares his reflections with us.

“DREAM:IN is a phenomenal journey and allows us to look at innovation from the bottom up. The entire experience has accumulated in a new way of thinking, not only pertaining to this project. Furthermore, DREAM:IN allows ordinary citizens of India to come together and develop creative, local solutions to the problems they face within their communities.

The entire process is driven by design and allows all participants to contribute to local activism efforts in a simple and efficient way. DREAM:IN allows us to support projects on an ongoing bases, and to co-create with established and emerging leaders who have the capacity to dream. The goal is to help the 1.2 billion Indians bring their dreams to fruition through various projects in order to make India ‘a model’ for the world.”

Heico Wesselius started his career as a Fellow at McKinsey & Company. He spent 8+ years as a Management Consultant for IBM Business Consulting Services (IBM BCS) advising leading companies on issues of strategy, organization and technology in North-America, Europe and Asia. Mr. Wesselius has held a principal faculty position at Parsons The New School For Design for the past 6+ years where he teaches courses in strategic management, entrepreneurship and business design. He is the principal sponsor on the Master course between Parsons and Columbia University called ‘Design and Marketing of Luxury Goods’.

A Project Long Overdue..

Some kind words shared by Professor Ramnath Narayanswamy on his impressions and recollections of DREAM:IN.

“DREAM:IN is an audacious project that was long overdue in this country. It seeks to unbundle the creative energies of the Indian people in a manner that has not been attempted before. This single fact alone accounts for its uniqueness. But there is more. By capturing the dreams of various segments of society drawn from worlds that are hugely divergent (the tribal and feudal to the modern and post-modern) and attempting to translate those dreams into reality, DREAM:IN is a project that needs widespread encouragement and support.

Among other reasons, the fact that India is going to have the largest number of young people in the world in the next twenty to thirty years makes it a powerful engine of substantive and profound social, political, economic and cultural transformation. I wish them enduring success in these radical endeavors.”

Ramnath Narayanswamy is a Professor in the areas of Economics and Social Sciences at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore. His areas of interest include Business and Society, Economic Reforms in Transition Economies, Spirituality and Self Development, Entrepreneurship in the Creative Sector, Outsourcing, and Creativity and Innovation. During the fall of 2009, he is a visiting professor at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. He also participated as a Dreamcatalyst in the DREAM:IN Conclave.

Thank you so much Prof. Ramnath. It would not have turned out so well without your participation.

Quotes from Paul Polak

This morning we woke up to a mail from Paul Polak, entrepreneur, inventor, self- identified “troublemaker” & author of Out of Poverty. Here is what he wrote-

“I woke up this morning with this buzzing around in my head,

Dreams come from people’s feet, not their words. Words were invented by the devil to drown the dreams that connect people to God. To learn about people’s dreams you have to watch how they move their feet and not be distracted by the words that come out of their mouths.”

Thank you Paul. We’ll be paying attention to everyone’s feet from now on.

Big Dreamers: New York

A dream is an idea which has begun to smile – Ken Stevens

Ken Stevens is an industrial designer, inventor, entrepreneur, and an Associate Professor in the School of Design Strategies, Parsons the New School for Design. Via his design consultancy, Mind Stuff, Ken develops products and is the holder of thirty patents across diverse fields.

This was so wonderful, I want to do it again! Brazil! – Bruce Nussbaum

Bruce Nussbaum blogs, tweets and writes on innovation, design thinking & creativity. Former assistant managing editor for Business Week, he is currently a Professor of Innovation and Design at Parsons and writes for Fast Company. In 2005, I.D. magazine named him one of the 40 most influential people in design.


Conclave Bytes #3

Bring ideas on which people can impose their own forms.
Enable rather than impose – Ken Stevens

Bill Gates admitted he wasted a billion dollars on education,
probably because he didn’t go to the classroom – Ashish Rajpal

Design can be playful, surprising, enabling.
I’m inspired by simple things which make a difference.  – Ken Stevens

Running a class for 45 minutes at 45 degrees
for 45 minutes is underrated work! – Ashish Rajpal

School always made me feel very ordinary.
I don’t want that for the children of India  – Ashish Rajpal

Can we trigger revolutions based
on playful creative thinking? – Sonia Manchanda

Big Dreamer: John Kuruvilla

Don’t flow with the tide… Be the tide that changes destinies – John Kuruvilla

John Kuruvilla is the Founder &  CEO of Taggle Internet Ventures  Pvt. Ltd. He has previously worked as the Chief Revenue Officer at Air Deccan – India’s pioneer low cost Airline, as  Executive VP at The Oberoi Group. He has a prolific background in advertising, having spent over 14 years in some of the biggest agencies in the country like JWT, Lintas and Leo Burnett and has been instrumental in the launch of a slew of successful brands across the country.