Design Thinking Workshop at Design Park Bangalore

DREAM:IN hosted a short 2-hour workshop on Design Thinking and Dreamscaping at the first annual Design Park, at Freedom Park, Bangalore on 21st Feb, 2015. The workshop was a mini version of one DREAM:IN’s flagship Dreamcamp events. Design Park, part of the India Design Mark Exposition, was a 3-day design event that hosted fun design workshops, talks, movie screenings, performances along with great food and live music under the Bangalore sun. The exhibition showcased many great design products from India and Japan, as well as a student design exhibit. And the fact that it was held at Freedom Park, once a jail that housed many freedom fighters during India’s revolution, and recently designed into a new beautiful park, couldn’t be any more appropriate for a design exposition.

Just within the last few years, we have seen more entrepreneurs, startups, incubators, and accelerators emerge than ever before, and we can especially see this trend happening currently in India. As more and more businesses and startups, including companies on the Fortune 500 list, are implementing design thinking into their strategies, it is vital for new businesses to apply a design thinking mindset to create new meaning, and value within their company. As this trend continues, we will definitely see the merge of business and design in the near future, while incubation and startups will have close to no value without the use of design thinking. New companies must stay competitive by using design thinking to create new ideas and products for their market.


The workshop was opened by a welcome talk from Sonia Manchanda, co-founder of DREAM:IN and Idiom Design & Consulting, a presentation titled, ‘Design Impacts Life’ followed by a short ‘Design Detour’ film on Design Thinking. Participants were then broken up into pairs by picking a card with a word on it, and instructed to find their partner who picked a card with the same word, which helped to ‘break the ice’. Once broken into groups, we introduced the concept of dreams by showing sample dreams taken directly from DREAM:IN’s online portal along with DREAM:IN’s validated tool, the Dreamscape. As an example, we showcased a completed dreamscape by a dreamer who successfully completed the Dreamcamp path whose venture is currently up and running successfully. Now it was time for the participants to put the practice of dreamcatching and dreamscaping to use; each group took turns catching the dream of their partner. Once both dreams were captured by each other’s partner, they once again took turns to expand on each other’s dreams using DREAM:IN’s Dreamscape methodology. There were some amazing ideas that came out of that 45 minutes of capturing the participants’ dreams. Three groups of participants shared their dreams, and received expert feedback from industry specialists Girish Raj, co-founder of Idiom Design & Consulting & DREAM:IN, and Sandeep Dhar, former CEO of Tesco. A few of the dreams that came out of the workshop was an idea to popularize Karnataka art+culture, a clothing design company, digitalizing temple/pooja services, and upscaling an already up-and-running venture that delivers breakfasts to home and offices in Bangalore.

The concept of dreamscaping is one of DREAM:IN’s main methodologies. The dreamscape tool aids in creating sketches, scenarios, and scapes for your big idea, which helps to bring it alive and give it life. The format of the dreamscape is created to be as if you are pitching your movie idea to a producer. In that sense, you have to write the headline of your dream, the plot of your idea or the big central idea, the “3 acts” of your film or the three major steps of your dream becoming realized, along with writing down all the characters in your venture which is who your targeted market is, your investors, your partners, and anyone else who may be helping with your venture. The last step is for you to sketch ideas of your venture, which begins the process of designing your logo and the physical the layout of your location if you have one. Visualization of your dream is an important step towards realization for budding entrepreneurs because it brings more clarity to your dream. Additionally, if others can “see” it as well, it helps them to believe in the dream rather than just hearing an idea.


Everyone was really into the workshop, and were having lots of fun. We have received many comments from participants that they really enjoyed the workshop and are excited for our next rounds of Dreamcamps. To stay up-to-date with Dreamin and the upcoming Dreamcamps, make sure you head to our portal (, make a free account, and upload your dream!

“The whole environment was fun and was a brilliant workshop! We need more workshops like this with various sectors!”
– Faizal Poonthala, Future Group

“I liked how the workshop approach set up a design perspective instead of a business perspective which I think we really need for our businesses to become successful.”
–  Ashwin Chandra, co-founder of Brekkie

Get set to bring design to stage zero of your awesome enterprise!
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