The Dream Tree Travel Arounds India

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           The Dream Tree Project by DREAM:IN is the creation of a set of design thinkers across borders. It is designed to challenge us to create, not for the people’s need, but for their dreams. By starting to dream, by channeling dreams, we free ourselves. It gives us a bigger, grander canvas for new creation.The project is an effort to create a growing, qualitative, database of dreams. And a dream-based design thinking method. That can then be available as an open source to conceive ideas.

The idea was sprouted from ancient Indian traditions. At holy places in India, there’s a tradition of tying ‘wishes’ on trees. With bestowing honor to that tradition, we want people to approach the tree where they can write down their deepest dreams onto tags, and tie the tag upon the tree. We believe that dreams are some of the simplest terms which defines a person, hence we wanted to honor that by mixing the tradition with a modern representation.


The DREAM:IN Dream Tree is a world traveler and made its way around the world! The Dream Tree has been installed, showcased and collected many dreams at dream camps and workshops in São Paulo, Brazil, three cities across China and, of course, India, going along the lines of creating a Global Network of dreamers and mentors that Dream:IN is creating.


Back in 2011, Dream:IN’s Dream Tree, had traveled all across India gathering more than 9,000 dreams from all walks of life. Now, at its home in the Dream Center, at Dream:IN’s headquarters here in Bangalore, many dreams are still hanging from its branches. A miniature version of the tree was originally featured at the ‘Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities’ Celebration which celebrated 60 years of Indian and German diplomatic relations, in the ‘Deutsche Bank Pavilion’. The Dream Tree traveled with the festival to  different cities throughout India. By the end of the Mela, the tree had collected more than 9,000 dreams, and just at the Mumbai-leg of celebration, the Dream Tree collected more than 3,000 dreams alone!

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This past weekend (Feb 20-22 2015), The Dream Tree made a new appearance at Design Park, the design exhibition at Freedom Park in Bangalore. When attendees walked in, and registered for the event, they also wrote down their dream on a small tag and tied it upon the tree. The tree has collected hundreds of dreams this weekend, with many people smiling as they were writing down their dreams.
One of our favorites from DesignPark:

Just days into the new year, an inspiring art piece called the ‘Plant Your Dream Project’ was showcased at the Rangoli Metro Art Center, here in Bangalore. The project consists of having dreamers write their dreams on small pieces of paper which represents the leaves of a tree. The project, who was thought up by two artists, Helena von Schoultz from Finland and Christina Maiorescu from Romania, both residents of Bangalore, has collected over 500 dreams on the Plumeria Tree, also known as the “Dream Tree”.

The Dream Tree is still growing and collecting dreams with the vision to spread the idea and power of dreaming to many people, worldwide. DREAM:IN and the Dream Tree are always open and happy to collaborate and partner with corporates/organizations hosting dreamcatching workshops and collecting the dreams of your employees. For more information on the Dream Tree or hosting a Dream Tree workshop at your workplace, email us at

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