Dream Feat – Write Leela Write – Rheea & Kalabati

This is our first ‘Dream Feat’ in 2015! We hope you enjoy, appreciate and benefit from hearing the inspiring stories of other local entrepreneurs who are working hard for the success of their venture. Our intention is to bring light to their path, to present how they started out, overcame obstacles, handled marketing & branding techniques, used design-thinking strategies, and more, ultimately leading to inspiring you and your venture.

Our first featured entrepreneurs of the new year are Rheea Mukherjee & Kalabati Majumdar, founders of the website ‘Write Leela Write’ (WLW).
website: http://www.writeleelawrite.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/writeleelawrite

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Dream:IN: Hi guys. Thanks to both of you for coming down to the DREAM:IN office today and spending some time with us. So to get things started, can you give us the overall idea of ‘Write Leela Write’?
RheeaWrite Leela Write is a design and content Laboratory, which might sound vague, but intentional. We started WLW to build a platform that would contribute and experiment with content,  visual narratives and creative conceptualisation.

Dream:IN: How did you get the idea for this? What inspired you to start this?
Kala: A few things; both of us weren’t cut out for jobs that didn’t  allow us to walk down our own creative path.  It was a good time to take a small risk and see if we could create and build a company of our own. I think it took some solid thought, and decent portion of passion to make the decision. Rheea and I worked well together and our creative vision and intent were aligned, so it made sense.

Dream:IN: How long have you guys been doing this?
RheeaWe just finished 8 months.

Dream:IN: Do you have a website?
Yes, We have a website and a Facebook page that keeps up with our latest adventures. We also have a community page, it’s called ‘Write Leela Write: Engage. Support. Be Curious.’ where we talk about local heroes in Bangalore. We do that  because we think local businesses need to be engaged with the community we live in, it sustains us and our business. We should be invested in it.

Dream:IN: So what kind of writing and design work do you do?
Well, I am a fiction writer and Kala is a textile designer by soul and education, but at WLW, we do graphic design, Illustration, and all sorts of content creation. So far we have been very lucky to have had our hands in a diverse pool of projects. We worked with a couple experimental projects centred around education, archiving and interviewing. We also have done  more traditional work like website design, brochures, campaign copy, and editing, and logo identities.


Dream:IN:  What has been recent on the Community Page you guys feature?
Rheea: The most recent organisation we featured was ‘compassionate clowns’. Compassionate Clowns is a group of performative actors that actually dress up and go to hospitals and play and entertain the kids completely pro-bono. We also featured Sinu Joseph, who was doing some amazing work around waste management solutions.

Dream:IN: How often do you come up and release with new posts?
Kala: We try and do one every month. There is no dearth of people who are working hard to make our city better, you just have to keep your eyes and ears out. I think that’s an important think to remember that a bunch of goodness exists in our world.

Dream:IN: Currently, how many followers do you have or users that come to your website?
Rheea: Uh. We might not be the hottest page on FB yet. I think we are a few under 600. Crossing fingers to hit a 1000 soon.
Editors Note: In case you want to help them become the hottest page on FB, go to https://www.facebook.com/writeleelawrite and press ‘like’.

Dream:IN: How did you come up with the name? Who’s Leela?
Leela is a fictional character and a name both of us enjoyed. We have a page on our website that’ll tell you more about this mysterious lady who drives our business.

Dream:IN: What’s next? Anything up coming? Any new posts?
Rheea: Yeah. Something that we are doing completely separate from the business angle, is working on community videos with the help of Satyavrat who works with us at WLW.  So far, We have only been text based.  It is an initiative from our company, but it’s super difficult to fund, since we are not doing it for money. So far we have help from video editors, and a friend who generously lent us his camera but we invite fellow entrepreneurs to offer their skills/time too. Our first video idea is about chaiwalas in IndiraNagar. That’s the first step.

Dream:IN: How does ‘Write Leela Write’ make money?
Kala: Simply put, we offer content and design. To be more specific, our work includes brand identity, content strategy, design layouts, website copy, logo creation, brochures and creative conceptualising. We don’t really want to pigeon hole ourselves, we are open to almost anything that needs quality thought, content, and design.


Dream:IN: Do you have any tips or suggestions for other people considering entrepreneurship?
 If you have a good idea, you have to know how to execute it. That’s where sauce is. Sometimes people think a great idea is an easy path to entrepreneurship. For us, it has been easier because we took care of the hardest part of building our idea into a brand: the part where we decide what we sound and look like. Our website was made quickly because, essentially it’s what we do everyday: set a tone, write, copy, and create a visual story about a brand. With other companies, it can be a larger problem, especially product-based companies, you have to be able to create a uniquely consistent tone and visual narrative to allow your customer base to understand your brand, product or even a service.

Dream:IN: Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to design and communication?
Rheea:Haruki Murakami has been an odd but consistent inspiration to me. He has  indulged my bizarre-creative side.
Kala: I was raised in Calcutta, and have read a lot of regional children’s Bengali books that have really informed my aesthetic style.

Dream:IN: Would you consider yourselves socially conscience?
Rheea: In a way we try to be socially conscience. I think that it can be an overused word. It’s more interesting when what you do allows you to engage in your community more intimately. I think that automatically makes us better people, or at least gives us opportunities to see things from multiple perspectives.

Dream:IN: Where do you want to see yourselves as a venture in five years?
Kala: I would hope we would have a diverse and meaningful portfolio.I would like us to explore government-commissioned community work in design and content, I hope that’s one part of it. We would like to make a name in branding and communication intelligence  and work with local start ups.

To learn more about Leela, and read some of their great stories, head to their pages:
website: http://www.writeleelawrite.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/writeleelawrite

WLW Founders:  Kalabati Majumdar (L),  Rheea Mukherjee (R)

WLW Founders: Kalabati Majumdar (L), Rheea Mukherjee (R)

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