Dream Feat – Mind Dots

We spoke to Durga, the co-founder and tech-team lead, of Mind Dots an app-development company, based here in Bangalore.

durga_photo (1)

Dream:IN: Hi Durga, Thanks for speaking with us today. Can you give us an overall picture of what Mind Dots does?
Durga: Mind Dots is a product engineering firm, with focus on api integration, cloud data automation and apps development for Smart TV, Google Glass, Watch and other Smart devices. MindPulpy automates, sync’s up the data, task between cloud applications, aggregates, manipulate, simplifies and mashup content from around the web’s api, gets data from any web protocol/authentication, method and convert into a developer friendly urls and built apps for multiple devices using Apps builder. Here is the platform url http://mindapp-pulpy.rhcloud.com/


Dream:IN: What was your “aha!” moment and knew that you should start Mind Dots?
Durga: Their is no ‘aha’ moment so far. We have started Mind Dots solely because of our passion towards digital medium.

Dream:IN: How did you get the idea to start this?
Durga: We are a small team based in Bangalore and having a passion for apis and cloud technologies. The idea by seeing an increase in app-development including Internet products, brands & mobile apps, we wanted to simplify consumer time by either aggregating data, rapid prototyping to multiple devices for developers and automating data exchange.

Dream:IN: What things in the industry are you trying to change and do new and differently?
Durga: We are trying to connect apps to devices, apps to apps via apis, in an easier and faster way.

Dream:IN: Are there any new features you plan on adding?
Durga: Currently we are in beta stage. We are adding features based on the market demand.

Dream:IN: What are your marketing tactics presently?
Durga: We currently rely on our partners.

Dream:IN: What has been some of the most memorable projects you’ve worked on?
Durga: Many memorable projects. Since we have a strict nda in place, we’re not supposed to talk about the third party projects here.

Dream:IN: What types of apps have you worked on?|
Durga: We worked on a plethora of apps across verticals and categories. Most of our apps are on top of third party apis.

Dream:IN: What the most interesting thing you find about app development?
Durga: We get to talk with several budding entrepreneurs, start-ups, studentpreneur and corporates for the app development. The interesting part is to hear their ideas and their views on solving the problems; Some really solve the hard problems in both the personal and business side, some make the process of our daily routine work smoother and better, some really assume the fictional problem, and some just ask for the clone/similar app.

Dream:IN: What do you think the future of app, and app development is? Furthermore, what do you think the future of mobile technology is?
Durga: As we all know that mobile & wearables is going to be everything for the next few years, I echo the same thought everything is getting/going to be connected, mobile is just a interface for I/O commands

Dream:IN: What tips do you have for other budding entrepreneurs who are considering entrepreneurship?
Durga: I really haven’t yet build that credibility in the industry so I cannot comment on this, however based on the last 5 year journey, i understand entrepreneurship is a very tough game to play, you need to commit at least for 15 to 18 months to see the cash flow along with the good supporting team.

Dream:IN: Great. Thank you for your insights in ‘Mind Dots’ and your thoughts on the industry and entrepreneurship.

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