Very Productive & Successful “Dreamers Network Meetup” at the DREAM:IN Center


Last friday afternoon, DREAM:IN hosted its first meet-up for the newly formed Dreamers Network Facebook Group. The ‘Dreamers Network’ is a community where local, national, and international entrepreneurs join together to network, help each other, spark conversation, create new business opportunities, provide possible collaboration, provide suggestions and solutions for business obstacles, along with helping other entrepreneurs with resources if needed. DREAM:IN decided to take this aim and host a meet-up, where members could meet and discuss in person. The meet-up was very successful to say the least. Attendees were very immersed in the conversations, everyone input their thoughts, and they even helped with resources that some other business owners needed. DSC02349 The evening started when all the budding entrepreneurs arrived at the Dream Center. Friendly introductions and small talk occurred over coffee. Once we started, everyone took turns with formal introductions, introducing themselves and their company. After each introduction, all the entrepreneurs took turns describing their, “Eureka!/Ah ha!” moment when they realized that they had a great idea and wanted to take it further turning it into their enterprise. Each business idea was unique and different, had a great story, and not even two were closely related. It was very inspiring to hear everyone’s dreams and learning how they took the steps to make their dream a reality. One story we liked was Rakesh Agarwal, the founder of, who turned his love of traveling into a platform where users can, “Give voice to your passion with expression”, which prides itself to be the “Linkedin” for passionate and creative people worldwide.  (Hosamane talking about how she got the idea for ‘Hasovan) The entrepreneurs, continued by discussing what stage their companies are currently in, what challenges and obstacles they are currently facing, what resources they were looking for, and their roadmap plan for the future. Nearly each time someone stated they needed a resource to help improve their business, a different attendee had a networking contact for them to get in contact with. Take for example, Brekkie, co-founded by Ashwin Chandra and his two partners. Brekkie delivers breakfasts to residential and office addresses each morning in and around the Indira Nagar area, Bangalore. His company uses a lot of plastic to package the food, so he wants to find an alternative, but doesn’t want to compromise on the quality of food. Another attendee, Hosamane, who founded Hasovan pvt. ltd, a startup company which provides humorous products and services for your home and workplace to keep you happy and stress-free, offered Ashwin a connection she had, who could help with a more sustainable, eco-friendly packaging option for Brekkie’s breakfasts, which he warmly accepted. DSC02347 There were lots of laughs and productive talks that happened throughout the evening. Everyone was supportive of each other. Ankith Nazre, who is the sole founder and director of, who was more than willing to share his business strategy, business tactics, and marketing strategy with the rest of the group, and the other members were very grateful for his strategies and insights. DSC02348 Before the meet-up started to shift to a close, DREAM:IN recorded a short video of each attendee, having them talk about their dream and their venture, so we could feature them on the new and improved DREAM:IN Portal ( Each attendee had a great time, they told us they were looking forward to the future ones, and I think it’s fair to say that each person left with a lot more than they came with. DSC02383 The attendees were made up of five budding entrepreneurs and their team members. Some of the businesses that were in attendance:

10696351_1516344418606273_7047692238611939388_n  Brekkie

10177255_1006578879369291_9018543515162725526_n Hasovan Pvt. Ltd.

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