*Announcing* DREAM:IN’s Dream Challenge 2014

This is an amazing opportunity to win a one of three grand prizes of 3 months at IDIOM DESIGN & CONSULTING, India’s largest and most vibrant design firm.

Entry into the contest is simple:

All you have to do is like our facebook page (this is a must for the contest, don’t forget), record a short video (even one with your mobile phone is fine), and a quick write up about your dream venture. Send it to us at dream@dreamin.in. If you make one of the top spots, your video will be uploaded to our youtube page, where it will be judged by our panel experts, the 3 I’s, and lastly, how much you promote your dream on facebook. The combination of the three scores will win the grand prize which would be announced the 1st week in Jan, 2015.

It’s an amazing opportunity for you to win a great prize of getting India’s biggest design firm to work on your venture!

What are you waiting for? Record your dream, write your description and send it over to us!

Good luck to all who enter!


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