St. Xavier’s College Students Pay DREAM:IN A Visit

Last week, students from St. Xavier’s College, in Mumbai came to the DREAM Center. They were greeted with a short inspiring introduction video to the power of design in India, and a brief talk by Idiom Design & Consulting & DREAM:IN co-founder Sonia Manchanda. Soon after, they were taught about the power of dreams, why it’s important to dream, and the relationship between dreams and entrepreneurship.


Delmo Oliveira, a designer interning at Idiom, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, took the stage to talk to the students about his recent travels throughout China while he was a student at ‘Parsons the New School for Design’ in New York for DREAM:IN CHINA.  He traveled with his classmates to three cities in China, Shanghai, Beijing, & Hong Kong, where they hosted DREAM:IN Conclaves in each city. It was inspiring to show the St. Xavier students that DREAM:IN is a global movement, that reaches far beyond Bangalore, India. DREAM:IN has hosted similar conclaves in New York & Brazil as well.

Students then learned how dreams are like fruits, in the sense that there are three parts to a dream; the skin, the flesh, and the core. The skin is the outer layer which represents our fears & anxieties, which could just be our own basic fear about our daily lives like our health and financial security. Beyond that is the fleshy part of a fruit represents our wishes and desires, or what we would like to get out of life. In the core is the creative center, what we really dream of doing, which has the potential to grow into a fruit tree or a full blown venture. This concept is presented through the Dream Catching Tool.

Students examining the Dream Catching Tool

Students examining the Dream Catching Tool

After learning how to record dreams, the students were then challenged to use this information, and catch the dreams of their fellow students by recording a short video with their mobile phones.

To see some of what the students recorded, and hear some of their dreams, go to this link:

At the very end, there was a short presentation of the recorded dreams, and the students were welcomed back, if they felt the calling to expand and work towards their dreams more. They left inspired to say the least.

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