Harshit Srivastava, from Lucknow but now residing in New Delhi, has joined us for our second segment of ‘Featured Entrepreneur’. He’s a designer at Diva’ni, but has a special love for theater, and turned that love into a venture, which helps raise funds for a charity here in Bangalore. Let’s learn more about Harshit’s venture ‘Poetry in Motion’:

DREAM:IN: Hi Harshit, thank you for your time with us. First off, I know you’re a designer at Diva’ni. Give us a little about your background, and how you ended up there?
Harshit: Hi, Thank you Team Dream:in, this is really overwhelming. Born and brought up in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, I always had the creative instincts and wanted to pursue my dreams as my profession. After class 12th NIFT Bangalore, I got a lifetime opportunity to study in SWISS TEXTILE COLLEGE, Switzerland and then there was no looking back. During my academic period, I did internships in Pondicherry, Auroville, & Himachal Pradesh, and finally graduated in June 2014 as a gold medalist. I received a call from my dream company, Diva’ni and after, a dream interview at the yash raj studios. I am a part India’s first cinema inspired brand by yrf and kbsh.

DREAM:IN: I know you also have a deep passion for theater. Why do you love theater so much?
Harshit: Blame it on the dramatic movies or the love for performing arts. As a kid, I danced my heart out to all the possible audiences I could get, including my family, relatives and friends. I was in class 1 when I acted for the first time on stage, I was dam nervous, and my principal told me, “Go ahead, I can see a star in making”. I just went and performed and the claps never ended. I knew I was born to do this! With time, things matured and it was not just about dancing or acting now. It was more about finding one’s inner self, theater gave me the platform to do so. I started writing and directing too. The fact that theater still has that charm, which it used to have years ago, and yet it never grows old, makes me fall in love with theater again and again!

DREAM:IN: That’s great! So because of your passion, you started ‘Poetry in Motion’ which raises money for an orphanage here in Bangalore. Can you tell us about ‘Poetry in Motion’ and how it started?
Harshit: Once you are in a professional college, you hardly get time for yourself. College festivals and culturals are the only relief. I realized that the only time I made friends and actually loved my college life was during the rehearsals for these events. I thought, “what if such rehearsals never end!”. I wanted a group of people that meets everyday and do whatever they loved. I just sent my friends one single message and everybody was on board as if everyone was just waiting for that message! Within a week it became our dream and we named it ‘Poetry in Motion aka. POTION!’. A dance and drama company that was made to do larger than life musicals, we aimed at showing live movies on stage. The costumes, the sets, pre and post productions, trailer release, publicity events, and more, ‘Potion’ wanted to change the way theater was looked at and we succeeded in the same!

DREAM:IN: Would you like to give any details about the orphanage in Bangalore, or how can they can help them out as well?
Harshit: We, as a group, personally believed that performing arts brought us together but we needed a cause to stay together! Ashanilaya, an orphanage in Ejipura, Bangalore, became our motivation to work harder ! As the proceeds of our plays went to Ashanilaya, the girls at Ashanilaya became our family, and with the help of ‘Potion’, we not only did our best to support them but also gave them a chance to perform in front of thousands of people! ‘Potion’ made it a habit of celebrating festivals at Ashanilaya and conduct workshops with them. All they need is some love and if you have enough to share , the doors of Ashanilaya are always open for you! We would want more and more of youngsters to come forward and make their lives worth living. It is not about a single orphanage but giving back to the society at large!

DREAM:IN: About how many shows have you put on since starting ‘Poetry in Motion’?
Harshit: Potion debuted with its larger than life, Bollywood musical called, “Dastaan-e-laila Majnu”, followed by 4 street play performances, one silent theatrical performance, and “I Object(in post production)”.

DREAM:IN: What are some of the musicals and plays that your drama company has put on?
Harshit: ‘Dastan-E-Laila Majnu’, the flag bearer musical has been a dream come true for all of us! From the extravagant costumes to mesmerizing sets, it was a bollywood movie shown live on stage in one take! Potion also releases a theatrical teaser of every play and ‘Dastan-E-Laila Majnu’ and ‘I Object’’s trailers itself project the potential and the vision of the stories! Potion went on to perform award winning plays and became a defending champion at a national level college festival.

DREAM:IN: What’s the response from the students who act in the plays?
Harshit: Potion was never a place where people were forced to be a part of the team. The ones who loved came in and did what they always wanted to. For example, the ones who loved doing make up formed the, ‘make and styling department’, the ones who loved designing made the costumes and so on. All the team members just waited to meet and have fun on the practices. It was more of a family get together during the rehearsals and all of them actually felt bored when we didn’t have the practices!

DREAM:IN: Do you have any upcoming shows?
Harshit: Yes, we have a show in pipe line, but due to the team members moving to different parts of the country for jobs, we don’t know when we’ll perform it! But yes very soon, we’ll be back and the world will know that ‘potion’ was just on a break!!!

DREAM:IN:Where would you like to see ‘Poetry in Motion’ in 5-10 years?
Harshit: Potion is our baby. In coming 5 years I would want it to be India’s biggest dance and drama company, doing musicals all over the country, and helping as many people as we can! In coming 10 years we dream to go big and take theater next to bollywood, becoming the youngest production house!

DREAM:IN: If anyone wants to get involved with your organization, how can they reach out to you?
Harshit: They just need to send us a message on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/poetryinmotionentertainment?ref=hl                                                                                                

We have ‘Potion’ representatives in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Bhopal.

DREAM:IN: Lastly, we ask every entrepreneur in every interview, do you have any tips or suggestions for budding entrepreneurs that may help them out on their venture?
Harshit: Well, I might be too young to give tips, but yes, would love to suggest people that all they need to do is dream, and not just dream, but also believe in themselves. Go out and just start the journey without thinking about the end, without thinking about the obstacles, all will be taken care off! Just keep going, and one day you’ll look back and realize why even you ever cared! Stay calm, stay focused and do what you are born to do!

Thank you team Dream:in, it was nice connecting with you guys.

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Harshit Srivastava - Poetry in Motion aka Potion

Harshit Srivastava – founder, ‘Poetry in Motion aka Potion’

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