This is going to be a new series that we’re doing. We interview and feature local, national, and international entrepreneurs, budding & already successful, to feature to our DREAM:IN Community. Our intention with these interviews is to inspire you on your path to entrepreneurship, or maybe even inspire you to become an entrepreneur.

So for our first interview, we’re interviewing Sanat Singh, from Lucknow, but now residing here in Bangalore. He’s a budding entrepreneur, with a passion for photography. Let’s find out about his venture:

DREAM:IN: Sanat, thank you for speaking with us today.

Sanat: It’s my pleasure talking to you & also for the opportunity.

D:I: So first, please tell us a little about your company, what do you do?

Sanat: Very few in this world can claim they love what they do. But hey! I, Sanat, am one of them!. Having studied photography and film design from Manipal University, throughout the years I have captured special moments for hundreds of families, soon to be brides, mums to be, babies of all ages. Before I started capturing memories on my own, I have worked with an Animation studio as a CG Lighting artist for International films for Paramount pictures and children television shows for CBeebies. Later moved to US-based photography studio and then started the venture in 2012, “Sanat Photography”, I am a proud member of our team at Camories, where each one of us is passionate about what we do.

CAMORIES…We, at Camories, don’t define photography as the act of focusing on an object through a lens of the camera and clicking a few buttons. Every single shoot is an experience for us. We don’t capture the existence, we capture the feelings, giving  a chance to repeatedly live what you love.

New Born Baby Photography: We have a collabration with Manipal & Fortis Hospitals for the New Born Baby Shoots on a day-to-day basis.

D:I: What inspired you to do this, and start this venture?

Sanat: It all started with me, photographing my little niece few years ago in the hospital which eventually made my business step up today.

D:I: How did the process go of starting the company? How did you get established?

Sanat: For a couple of years, I had worked as a freelancer and later approached few hospitals with the concept of photography to advertise their brand, which luckily helped us to brand for baby photography in the hospitals and also to approach few new clients .

D:I: Do you enjoy being an entrepreneur, being your own boss? Do you believe it’s worth all the effort?

Sanat: Certainly it’s worth all the effort, working for your self is like getting the best out of you with no restrictions.

D:I: When did you first know that photography was your passion? How did you find that spark?

Was fascinated seeing my cousins photography skills and started following other lead photographers. I started to photograph with a point-and-shoot camera, initially, and developed my skills in this art. I later started to freelance, related to travel, and later took up as a course to pursue it better.

D:I: We want to ask in every interview, do you have any tips for other entrepreneurs, that are just starting out?

Sanat: Dream in, take a chance to experiment, and be real!

D:I: How can people get a hold of you if they want your services or to contact you?

Sanat: You can get in touch with us through the following sources:

https://www.facebook.com/camories & https://www.facebook.com/sanatphotography

Our website will soon go online where the photography session can be booked.

D:I: Alright. Thank you so much for your time, and all the best to camories!

Sanat:Thanks & Regards

Be sure to check out some of his amazing photographs below.

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