DREAM:IN/IDIOM at the Construkt Festival

Between 20th and 23rd March, Bangalore played host to Construkt Festival organized by Unstoppable.in and TIE. The festival was designed to bring together people from various backgrounds to create new opportunities and share their expertise. The festival was especially for entrepreneurs and creators from the tech, design, culinary and social communities.


As a part of the festival we participated in the ‘Crawl‘, which was a chance for us to open our doors and invite people to both DREAM:In and Idiom. The crawl was held on March 20th between 5 and 6 PM. Participants were introduced to Idiom and DREAM:IN by Sonia, Pooja and Liz. After a short discussion on the definition of design, the participants took part in an exercise using a design thinking tool in a live example.

_MG_5918gyg (1)

The session saw the participants engage in conversations with our team and even hang their dreams on the Dream Tree.




On 22nd and 23rd, the Construkt Festival was held at Jayamahal Palace. DREAM:IN had a stall at the venue which featured the Dream tree. We had many inquiries and several dreams were captured by our DreamCatchers. Sonia, our founder was a part of a panel on Sunday which showcased some great examples of how design is being used in various areas like retail, products, sustainability and especially the social space.

The festival had a great bunch of people in attendance and we even managed to meet Aruj, one of our Dreamers who had set up a food stall at the venue.

To find out more about the festival you can log on here: http://construkt.me/








Inspiring entrepreneurship at Samathur and Coimbatore

This past weekend we were inspired and humbled as we visited KCT in Coimbatore and Samathur Arasu Vanavarayar Governement School in Samathur, near Pollachi.

Our journey began in the village of Samathur where we conducted a small workshop to inspire students as young at 11 to start thinking about entrepreneurship.

With the help of some great KCT and MCET volunteers we were welcomed warmly by the students and staff alike.  The energy and laughter of the students vibrated through the old house of the Vanavarayar family, which carries its own history and is aptly named ‘Small Palace’.

Picture 256

Courtyard of the small palace

Within this 300 year old house around 85 students shared their dreams, which were big, bold and impactful. Our team set the context of entrepreneurship with help from Vishwanathan Sahasranamam, general manager of CIBI (Coimbatore Innovation and business incubator) at KCT. Following this, a few entrepreneurs from around the area shared stories about their business, their journey and were rewarded with some stellar questions by the students.

Questions asked had a lot of variety, from queries about how to set up a business, dealing with competition, employment and sustainability. Students wanted to know details about how to manufacture products, maintain safety requirements and even how to overcome problems and find opportunities.


Questions from a young girl to the entrepreneurs 

The entrepreneurs present were Shivakumar, an ITI electrician, Shaktivel, coconut trader from Samathur, Arul an automobile businessman from Devannur, Shanmuga Sundaram, a coir businessman from Pollachi and Doreswamy from Prithviraj food industries.

All of these entrepreneurs were very gracious with their time and their answers, explaining various aspects of a business to the students.


The students were also introduced to the Tumkur project by Mallik, who heads DREAM:IN Tumkur. The students were shown the products and were taken through the journey of how agriculturists became agripreneurs in Tumkur.

After a brief introduction to DreamCatching, the students got the opportunity to share their dreams. Seetha, DNL Choudhary, Anirudh and Kiran, our DreamCatchers from NICC did a great job in interviewing and extracting the dreams of these young Indians.


Group picture taken at the school

The day ended with a hilarious attempt at taking a group photo which took upto 30 minutes to arrange. We bade goodbye to the students with a fresh perspective on the potential of young India and headed back to the KCT campus. The bus ride back was great fun as our team got to see the camaraderie and commitment by the KCT volunteers.


KCT Leed volunteers

On day two, we conducted a small session on entrepreneurship for Engineering students from KCT. They were taken through DREAM:IN and the importance of becoming an entrepreneur. They were also briefed on how they could start their entrepreneurial journey with us.



Session at KCT

The students who attended the workshop shared their dreams with our DreamCatchers and we found their dreams very inspiring!

Our visit to KCT officially ended here. But, this was just a start to the relationship we have to look forward to with the college. We made some great friends, met inspiring people and had a glimpse into the minds of young students. The hospitality shown by KCT volunteers was unparallel as was their enthusiasm. Not only did we have great interactions during the workshop and the session, but we also managed to share some light moments at Namma Café, their students owned campus café.


DreamCatching in progress

Overall, this was a promising experience for us. Vishwanathan who came along and facilitated these events had similar thoughts. He believes that there was a brilliant level of energy, inquisitiveness and friendliness in the students. He was especially impressed by the ripple effect the DreamCatching led to, with even the KCT volunteers wondering aloud about their own Dreams.

These are all good indicators which point to the power of harvesting dreams. We look forward to watching the dreams and working with these young and bright minds!