Quench Promotions

We are really excited to share with you the brand new products from our Dreamers Sakina Wagh and Mokhtar Yaveri. Their company Quench Promotions has designed water bottles which not only provide mineral water but also offer space for advertisement.

Sakina attended the first Dream camp where she shared her idea to use space on water bottles for advertising. Following the camp she and Mokhtar worked on their idea with inputs from their mentors. They also attended a Plan camp to further shape their idea and share their progress.

They recently sent us some samples of their products which show how a brand can be advertised on the water bottles.

IMG_quench bottles(2)

You can find out more about them here: https://www.facebook.com/QuenchPromotions?fref=ts and follow them on twitter here: @_BottleBranding

We are very happy for Sakina and Mokhtar and we wish them the best of luck!

DreamCatching Workshop at MVGRCE, Vizianagaram

On 22nd January, DREAM:IN was invited to conduct a DreamCatching Workshop at  Maharaj Vijayaram Gajapathi Raj College of Engineering (MVGRCE) in Vizianagram, AP. The workshop was attended by students of the college along with students of some neighbouring colleges like MRPG College, LENDI College, Avanthi College of Engineering, Vignan College, GVP College of Engineering, GVP College of Engineering for Women and Aditya Engineering College. Assisting us with the workshop were students from NICC Bangalore along with their faculty Mr Jeevan Pathare. 

 3M3A3061  _MG_7943

Registration Process

The Workshop started with registrations, where we managed to capture some candid shots of the budding DreamCatchers. The students were ushered into a hall after being divided into teams based on their college and departments.

The workshop began with a prayer and a felicitation for our team.  The workshop then kicked off with an introduction to DREAM:IN and our journey so far. The students watched a few of our films to better contextualize the task they would be undertaking. The DreamCatchers were also made familiar with the DreamCatching methodology and techniques.

The next session was taken by Professor Pathare who spoke about how to use cameras and take good quality videos. He shared examples with the students and taught them quick tips on how to work with light, composition and so on.


Professor Pathare conducting his session

Following a quick lunch, the students were introduced to the NICC students who would be the main coordinators for the exercise. Professor Pathare asked everyone to share and capture the dreams based on the training they had received and and asked the students to coordinate with the NICC students.


DNL Chowdary, NICC student

For the next hour or so, students bustled around trying to find corners where they could capture dreams. Using their phones and cameras, the DreamCatchers managed to capture dreams using the techniques shared with them.


The dreams captured were reviewed by Professor Pathare. He showed the Dreamcatchers some good and bad examples of dreams and provided his critique on the dreams captured. The DreamCatchers were then given instructions on how to go about capturing dreams in their colleges.

By the end of the day, we had already seen some great work by the students at the workshop. Their work and enthusiasm was promising. They will now send us more dreams with the help of the NICC students and we look forward to them!



Last week, DREAM:IN launched a small exercise to commemorate the 65th Republic Day of India. We decided to focus on the dreams, wishes and visions that people have for India. To do this, we reached out to our network of Dreamers, mentors, online community and specifically schools in Bangalore and Tumkur.

#dreamforindia took form as an online + on ground exercise to collect and share the Dreams that the next generation of India has for our nation. To tap into the minds of the next generation we visited the following schools:













Sharing Dreams with Dreamcatchers

At each of these schools, the students shared their #dreamforindia with a lot of enthusiasm. We found the students to be extremely positive and engaged with regard to the future of India. They had dreams to see equality in society, better education, promotion of sports, eradication of corruption and many more. They were very candid and our DreamCatchers from NICC had a great time interacting with them.

Along with this on-ground exercise, we also received a lot of traction in the online space. Some of our mentors shared their #dreamforindia on Facebook and Twitter.

All of the collected dreams were consolidated by our team and we made a short video about #dreamforindia . You can see the video here:  http://www.dreamin.in/dreamforindia.php#gsc.tab=0

With these curated dreams, we hope that today’s leaders and decision makers will have the chance to see what the next generation of India is really Dreaming about for India.

We invite you to continue sharing your #dreamforindia on twitter : @DREAMIN_Team or @The_Dream_Tree and on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/dreaminteam

Business plan presentations by Berkely Haas students

The interactions with the students of Berkely Haas continued over the last week. In order to implement open innovation systems, the students spent an entire day with MBA students from SIT, Tumkur.

Picture 073

Collaboration and interaction between students from SIT and Berkely

Together both groups of students discussed the various problems currently being faced in Tumkur. The SIT students were able to share their experiences and expectations from their town. This process was facilitated by Professor Darwin, who shared a presentation on 8 areas of Innovation. By the end of the day all the groups had built a great rapport and had developed some sound content on how they could create opportunities with regard to the problems identified in Tumkur. The students also got an opportunity to pick the brains of our mentor Mr Vijay Ladha on everything from the Indian economy to women entrepreneurship.


Vijay Ladha interacting with the students

Over the week both groups of students interacted with each other and finally on Friday, 10th January, the Berkely students presented business plans for Tumkur. Their business plans were based on the understanding of what can be developed, promoted or revived in Tumkur, as suggested by the SIT students.


Presenting to mentors

To provide their inputs and suggestions we had some mentors on hand. They were: Dr Anant Rao from Apollo Hospitals, Aleksanda Rose, Dean, NICC, Mr Rajesh a serial entrepreneur and Kush Medhora, CEO, DREAM:IN.

There were 6 presentations in total. Here is a brief description of the business plans:

  1. Sahara: Using text messages to provide employment opportunities to people in Tumkur by connecting them to jobs in Bangalore.
  2. Flowres: Starting a food-on-the go system for the people of Tumkur, during their bus ride from Tumkur to Bangalore.
  3. Jagruth: Promoting the fishing industry in Tumkur by connecting the fishermen to high end restaurants and gourmet stores.
  4. Tumkur Health Spot: Providing healthcare to rural areas of Tumkur through tele-care.
  5. Trash to Cash: Collecting trash from Tumkur, segregating it and using recyclable materials to create products.
  6. Tumkur Career Consultancy: Connecting students to job opportunities and providing them access to assessments and trainings.

The presentations were done really well and the mentors had a lot of positive feedback. They also provided inputs on what was left out in the analysis and gave them new perspectives of looking at problems identified by them.


Q&A with the mentors

All in all, this session and our interaction over the last week was very interesting. The students came with open minds and were successfully able to implement the suggestions given by the SIT students. They worked hard on their business plans and had great insights. We wish them the best of luck and we look forward to future meetings!

DreamCatching Workshop at Acharya Bangalore Business School

On  4th January, we conducted a DreamCatcher training workshop at the Acharya Bangalore Business School. This one day session was organized at the college, but also included students from neighbouring institutions like Presidency College, Don Bosco college of Science and Management, AIMIT and GT College. In total there were around 80 students who attended this workshop to sign up to be DreamCatchers who would capture Dreams from their respective colleges.

blog-pic 1

The day started with a colourful registration process, where we saw students line up not just to share their contact details and also to take candid pictures.

The session started with an introduction to DREAM:IN by Rahul, who shared our journey and vision with the audience. Post this, Sonia took over and spoke about the importance of Dreaming and how together we can believe in a Dream and therefore realize it.

To start the process of capturing dreams, Rahul explained how to get beyond the fears and anxieties and capture the real dreams of people. He shared the steps on how to best capture a dream and showed some examples too. Suryarshi Mitra, faculty at NICC, Bangalore then took over to teach the budding DreamCatchers the tricks to capture a good quality video. He spoke to them about light, sound and even context while capturing a dream. He ended his session by giving everyone the assignment to capture the dreams of their teammates. There was a flurry as students paired off in teams and tried to put their newly acquired knowledge into capturing good Dreams.

blog pic 5

Capturing Dreams

Post lunch, these dreams were analysed by Suryarshi, who helped the students understand how to make their videos better. He pointed out ways in which the DreamCatchers could creatively capture Dreams. Finally, students were given instructions on how to send across their Dreams and were briefed on the DreamCatching journey we have in place.

We had a great time with the students at ABBS. They had great energy and showed a lot of potential in capturing high quality Dreams.

For now we say goodbye to the students, wish them luck and look forward to receiving the Dreams!


blog pic 3

Berkely Haas School of Business – Open Innovation at DREAM:IN

On Friday, 3rd January,  25 undergraduate students from the Berkely Haas School of Business visited us at the DREAM:IN centre. The students along with their faculty, Professor Darwin are currently on a journey to study frugal innovation (jugaad) and open innovation models in the Indian context.

The course supervisor Prof Solomon Darwin, works closely with Henry Chesbrough, the father of open innovation, and he wanted to organize this journey to facilitate a conversation between his students and us. The students will therefore be spending time with us to understand how DREAM:IN taps into the grassroots of India and promotes innovation from the youth to address the socio-economic problems in a collaborative fashion.

Picture 007

Watching Dreams

Upon reaching the DREAM:IN centre, the students were first introduced to DREAM:IN and our journey so far. They were taken through the 2011 journey/conclave and the Brazil conclave, with help of short films. This was followed by a session on DREAM:IN Tumkur. Mallik, who heads the Tumkur chapter, shared the story of how we first got introduced to the district of Tumkur and our work since then. He also showed them the ‘Tumahara’ products produced by the farmer cooperative in Tumkur. Also joining in the session was Mr Warrior from Manipal Foundation who shared his role in DREAM:IN Tumkur and the work done by his foundation.

Picture 062

After a quick look at the DREAM:IN portal, the students were introduced to Next Gen. Rahul, who heads DREAM:IN Next Gen spoke about how we have been working to identify and help youth entrepreneurs.

The first interaction with the students was great and we look forward to the coming week, where we will spend more time with them, to further explore open innovation.

Picture 071