Launching Tumahara! From the farmers of Tumkur for you…



In May 2012, we started an initiative called DREAM:IN Tumkur along with Manipal Foundation to Dream along with the residents of Tumkur. (You can read more about this initiative here –

DREAM:IN Tumkur is an open innovation project to seed the process of creating new socio economic value, in an inside-out developmental approach. It also gave the residents of the district a platform to share their Dreams, create new knowledge and systems, and work closely with leaders and partners to catalyse the process of positive and long lasting change.

Starting with a journey in to the 10 Taluks of Tumkur by 13 NICC students, followed by a DreamScaping session where the Dreams were translated in to creative scenarios and a Conclave in SIT, Tumkur that was attended by the residents of Tumkur to vett the scenarios that had been created for Tumkur.


We now have a chance to directly sell our products to urban consumers – Nagesh Babu





Following this a team was formed and brought together three farmer groups that were trained by various organisations and people to become Agripreneurs.

The Commission for Agriculture Agricultural Costs & Prices has estimated that the farm sector will clock 5.2-5.7% growth during the 2013-14 agricultural year (July-June) and while India continues to live in its villages and the sector continues to grow, we need to ask ourselves, how are we helping the next generation of farmers grow.


The launch of Tumahara, a brand developed to get products ‘from Tumkur’s farmers for you!’ has been launched on the 17th and 18th of December, in Bangalore and Tumkur respectively, to transition the agriculturists into agripreneurs, to create value for and with the farmers.

These products (Ragi Baby Food, Ragi Malt, Ragi Hurihittu and Virgin Coconut oil) will be available on the shelves of stores in both Bangalore and Tumkur (including Food Hall and a couple of Big Bazaars)

We hope to replicate this model in districts across India and help transform farmers in to entrepreneurs.

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