We are hiring! – Interaction Design Lead

DREAM:IN is looking for an Interaction Design Lead to work on the development of the DREAM:IN Portal on an immediate basis. In case you or anyone you know is interested in applying, please send an e mail, along with your portfolio to dream@dreamin.in 

The Job Description is given below, Do share the same with your network –

Interaction Design Lead

DREAM:IN is looking for a committed and responsible developer / designer with deep empathy and interest in people, skills in interaction design, media and technology to oversee the development of the DREAM:IN Portal on an immediate basis. DREAM:IN is a global movement and an organisation headquartered in Bangalore.

The Interaction Design Lead will be responsible for conceptualizing, developing and prototyping digital channels including portals, social networks, mobile applications, physical installations and other projects where technology plays a key role at DREAM:IN. This will include creating service blueprints, roadmaps and timelines, experience design navigation flows, interaction design and interface design, database and visualisation design etc.

The responsibility also involves continuously evolving, developing and managing (as nearly 90% of the basic creation is already complete) a state of the art social network product that is in beta stage and adding value to a network and community with fresh ideas and innovations.

He/She should possess a solid understanding of internet technologies, human interaction, user-experience, user-interface, production and website site design. The Interaction Design Lead will also be leading a team consisting of developers and a designer, within the DREAM:IN organisation


Bangalore, India. (We also welcome talent from any part of the world)



  • Significant experience in Interaction design, and has been involved in developing and designing Portals and Websites
  • Must be well-versed in user centered design methods and techniques
  • Should be able to convert business and user requirements in to highly usable and appealing UI designs (IA/UI architecture, navigation, layout, content etc.). Should also be able to deliver world class interaction designs, from concept through to implementation.
  • Good visual design skills. Should be able to conceptualize and design visual design themes including design of hi-fidelity / finished looking UIs and icons
  • Must have basic programming/coding knowledge (Basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JQuery and JS libraries) to successfully integrate design with technology and manage a team of developers
  • Should have Basic understanding of PHP / mySQL integrating dynamic data with the front-end.
  • Basic knowledge of Content Management Systems and Version Control Software required, but not mandatory.
  • Must posses an understanding of the behaviour of web applications and security issues
  • Should have an understanding of web standards, validation and search engine optimization.
  • Ability to multi-task and grow in a fast paced development environment
  • Strong analytical and communication skills.
  • Creative, diplomatic, self-motivated, cool under pressure and fantastic interpersonal skills.
  • Strong project management or organisational skills.
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of online community platforms and their respective participants (Forums, Blogs, Photo Uploads, Profiling etc.)
  • Team player, with the confidence to take the lead and experience in working with a multifunctional team of designers and developers
  • Must be creative, and positively contribute to other aspects of the DREAM:IN organisation, where required
  • Must possess mastery of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Must be able to multitask and prioritise work schedules
  • Expert understanding of best practices and implementation strategy for all devices (desktop, smart phone, tablets etc.)

Minimum Qualifications:


  • BA/BS or higher degree in Interaction Design or related discipline (i.e. Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Visual Design) preferred
  • 5+ years of professional experience in Interactive Design; Visual Design skills a plus
  • Must possess a portfolio of past projects


DREAM:IN is a global network and organization headquartered in Bangalore, India that is at one level, developing on ground and online systems and networks to understand the aspirations of the youth, to create a core of qualitative and quantitative data and at another level, is a super incubator of imaginative new ideas, providing resources and inputs to shape and scale them.

It is already a method, process, system and global network prototyped and active in India, Brazil and the US. DREAM:IN was named one of the 6 Game Changers in the world of innovation and design by Metropolis Magazine, New York and has also been mentioned several times in the book ‘Creative Intelligence’ by Bruce Nussbaum. It has been prototyped as an academic intervention in higher education in India, USA, Brazil and China, besides being used as a consulting tool. DREAM:IN has also been hailed by both national and international press as a unique inside out, open innovation system.


An Interaction with the senior leadership of Lafarge

From the 27th – 30th of May, leaders from Lafarge were in Bangalore for a strategic learning program, organized by WDHB, in order to be exposed to fresh perspectives and different thinking models & work practices to succeed in a shift from a product based company to solutions–centric strategies. On the 27th of May, the group, visited DREAM:IN, to understand the concept and methodology behind DREAM:IN and also interact with members of the DREAM:IN team.




Lafarge is the world leader in construction materials, recognized as #1 in cement, #2 in aggregates, and #3 in concrete. Lafarge entered the Indian market in 1999, through its cement business. The company has established its presence in all its three businesses- cement, aggregates and concrete. Driven by a customer focused approach, Lafarge offers the construction industry and the general public innovative solutions bringing greater safety, comfort and quality to their everyday surroundings.


WDHB (Warm Decent Human Beings) designs and delivers intensive learning experiences for the strategy and people development of world class companies. Based in San Francisco with offices in Zurich, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro, WDHB has grown into the recognized world leader in experience-based learning and strategic innovation programs to challenge business beliefs and explore new opportunities for sustainable success.

This very dense and immersive program is triggered by Lafarge’s strategic reorganization from a products-based management structure to a country-based leadership model, and its re-focusing on services and solutions innovation. The purpose of this program is to create a shared awareness of business models, operational best practices and organizational mindsets needed to achieve this important shift in a sustainable and successful fashion.

Having interacted with DREAM:IN in the past, representatives from WDHB thought that an interaction between the DREAM:IN Team and participants from Lafarge would make for a good conversation and knowledge sharing experience

The main themes that were incorporated throughout the WDHB – Lafarge expedition were:

Mindsets & Practices of Service-based Organizations

Customer Centric Service Design

Platforms & Tools for Service Leadership

Best Practices for Organizational Transformation


The priority was to shift the mindsets of the participants so that they will be able to make this product-service change successfully. They showed interest to discuss and explore DREAM:IN’s practices around ideation and prototyping.

The participants from Lafarge were –

Samir Cairae, Senior Vice President – Group Industrial Performance

Tarek Elba, CEO – Bangaladesh

Andrei Immoreev, CEO – Vietnam

Marcel Cobuz, Senior Vice President – Group Innovation

Hussein Mansi, CEO – Kenya & Uganda

Isidoro Miranda, Executive Vice President & CEO – Spain & Ecuador

Antony Ricolfi, CEO – Indonesia

Bruno Roux, CEO – Poland

As the Lafarge Team entered the DREAM:IN Centre, each of them were handed a file (with information on DREAM:IN) and a card to write down their impression of India, so far, in just one word. Each card would then have to be stuck on a map of India that was hand drawn on a white board. After this ice breaker the Lafarge team, the DREAM:IN Team, WDHB and a few DREAM:IN Next Gen Entrepreneurs (Aruj Garg – Bhukkad, Kamal Raj – Reap Benefit and Charles Ma) sat down together to informally chat and introduce each other over lunch.


Soon after lunch, Sonia Manchanda (co – founder, Idiom Design and Consulting and Co – founder, DREAM:IN) welcomed the guests and told the audience about the origin of DREAM:IN. The first film to be shown was I am India (watch here – http://vimeo.com/39704459 ). Sonia then told everyone about the journey that DREAM:IN has been on, from being a globally recognized project in 2011 to an award winning organisation today. One particular project (DREAM:IN Next Gen) was a point of interest for all as it involves transforming today’s youth from being job consumers to becoming job creators. A couple of other short films were shown and some Dreams from DREAM:IN Next Gen (Especially the Dreams of Aruj Garg and Charles Ma) were also played.

Sonia was then joined by Girish Raj (co – founder, Idiom Design and Consulting and senior member of the DREAM:IN Team) who collectively explained the vision behind DREAM:IN – as a solution to working towards shifting/tilting the pyramid (referring to C K Prahlad’s ‘the bottom of the pyramid concept’) and giving everyone an equal opportunity to Dream, Believe and Realise. They also spoke about the future path for DREAM:IN.

 Post this, there was an interactive session where the audience asked a lot of questions and gave their feedback. Some of the highlights of the discussion were – ‘How did you come up with DREAM:IN and the DreamCatching methodology with the concept of a spotter, framer and reader?’

‘Is/Can DREAM:IN work with a larger corporation, if so, How?’

‘Is anyone using this for the external ecosystem, How so?’

The session was exciting for all that were present, with interesting dialogues and topics being discussed, also the possibility of working with each other at some point in the future.

 The session ended with a senior member from the Lafarge group handing over tokens (mementos) of their appreciation to Sonia, Girish and Kush Medhora (co – founder and CEO, DREAM:IN) and a promise to connect soon.