We are hiring! Front-End Web Developer wanted!

Front-End Web Developer / User Interface Designer

Job Description:

The Front End Web Developer will develop media by designing, developing and supporting web solutions across a range of devices.

We are looking for a committed and responsible developer / designer with deep empathy and interest in people, skills in interaction design, media and technology. 


  • Review and influence ongoing designs, standards and methods for http://www.dreamin.in;
  • Commitment to continually learning and keeping up to date with new web design trends and frameworks;
  • Provide complete technical documentation, code comments, and readable code that is properly stored in a version control system;
  • Possess an intense drive to learn how to improve our core products and services.


  • Strong knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JQuery and JS libraries;
  • Experience developing front-end applications with Twitter Bootstrap framework;
  • Expertise with UI/UX on critical, large scale web sites;
  • Knowledge of PHP / mySQL integrating dynamic data with the front-end;
  • Knowledge of Content Management Systems and Version Control Software;
  • Experience developing and troubleshooting front-end solutions across multiple browsers and devices;
  • Understanding of the behaviour of web applications and security issues;
  • Understanding of web standards, validation and search engine optimization;
  • Ability to multi-task and grow in a fast paced development environment;
  • Strong analytical and communication skills.


Interested? Write to us at: dream@dreamin.in with the subject line <Your Name>  Application: Front-End Web Developer. Please help spread the word!  


We are hiring! Community Manager wanted!


Job Description

The Community Manager will play multiple roles within DREAM:IN. He/She will also be involved in Social Media strategy and content editing/generation. 

Apart from implementing DREAM:IN’s online community strategy, managing engagement and interactivity with its audience, and fostering community spirit, this role also coordinates with the internal Editorial and Marketing teams to support their respective missions, creates/manages copy and content, develops and manages social media strategy ensuring consistency in voice and cultivating a strong community around the brand.


  • Implement the online community strategy, coordinating with stakeholders across the DREAM:IN Organisation and it’s network to ensure its effectiveness and providing superior quality of customer service and support to our community with the help of various communication tools;
  • Work with the development team to ensure the community platform (for ex. forums, blogs, moderation tools) are kept up to date and functional, as well as influence the roadmap by collating user feedback;
  • Manage a schedule of webchats and competitions for the site communities to engage with, and lead them into contributing their own high quality submissions across the entire suite of tools available;
  • Moderate all user generated content according to the moderation policy, liaising with the Legal team where required;
  • Manage communities located in social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and other similar social media outposts including this blog;
  • Act as an advocate of the Company in the brand’s community and as the advocate of the community within the Company, engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate;
  • Ensuring return of lapsed readers through the judicious use of regular system mass emails and producing a regular community newsletters and editorial;
  • Monitor effective benchmarks for measuring the growth of the community, and analyze, review, and report on effectiveness of new initiatives also monitor trends in online community tools, trends and applications;
  • Regularly feed back insights gained from community monitoring into the Marketing and Editorial teams, to help them evolve their strategies in a timely fashion;
  • Maintaining the site once it is live and ensuring the information is accurate;
  • Developing editorial policies, copyright, data protection and best practices;
  • Ensures compliance to the standards already set (Style guides, brand guidelines etc.);
  • Identify and tracks content issues; oversee their fixing;
  • Regularly monitor quality of content and maintain visibility of all content assets;
  • Content editing; copy editing, fact checking, indexing, research, production editing, and proofreading for general business communications.




  • Significant (4+ years) experience in developing and managing content for complex sites, preferably e-Commerce (Editorial, Marketing, Customer Service experience, a plus.);
  • Creative, diplomatic, cool under pressure and fantastic interpersonal skills;
  • Strong project management or organisational skills;
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of online community platforms and their respective participants (Forums, Blogs, Photo Uploads, Profiling etc.) and how they can be deployed in different scenarios;
  • Ability to effectively communicate information and ideas in written and verbal format, and build and maintain relationships;
  • Team player, with the confidence to take the lead and guide other departments when necessary;
  • Have excellent communication skills, both written and oral. Fluency in English is a must!
  • Be able to undertake research using a variety of sources;
  • Be creative, able to alter their style of writing to reflect their audience;
  • Be able to multitask and prioritise work schedules;
  • This is a non-technical role requiring creative writing skills, although some technical understanding is useful and will help career progression;
  • Expert understanding of content strategy best practices for all devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet);
  • Experience managing teams of writers and agencies;
  • Ability to provide consulting services and appropriate content solutions to business stakeholders;
  • Good knowledge of user-centered design.


Interested? Write to us at: dream@dreamin.in with the subject line <Your Name>  Application: Community Manager. Please help spread the word!  

DREAM:IN was awarded and recognised

The DREAM:IN project, conceived and executed out of India, was recently awarded the prestigious Gamechangers of 2013 award for Research by Metropolis Magazine, New York. DREAM:IN has thus been recognized for its outstanding contribution to providing a blueprint for massive change to India’s socio-economic condition.

Sonia Manchanda, founder of DREAM:IN, and Kush Medhora, CEO, received the Metropolis Gamechangers award at a special function in New York on Feb 8th, 2013DREAM:IN captures the dreams of the youth and empowers them to start up next generation enterprises. It was lauded as one of six Gamechangers globally in the design and innovation space and was the only award winner from India among the other Gamechangers from other countries like Rwanda, Mexico and USA.

Metropolis awards

The Metropolis Gamechangers awards commemorate stellar individuals and teams across the globe that are making waves in their areas of expertise and generate an on-going dialogue around the emerging issues of our time. It also recognizes contributions to community-based work that has broader implications for the world at large, demonstrating the power of design to bring about real change.

metropolis awards

Speaking on the occasion of receiving the award, Sonia Manchanda said, “We are delighted to have won this award, as it helps the global community recognize India’s effort in socio-economic reforms. DREAM:IN is a stepping-stone for us to identify the Indian potential in setting up a whole ecosystem of entrepreneurship, which in turn would lead to innumerous employment opportunities. Therefore, we want to create the imagination network to take away fears and anxieties, to be an antidote and a positive answer to the people all over the world.”

According to Kush Medhora: “The Gamechangers award indeed is an achievement in itself, not just because it recognizes our efforts but also encourages us to reform the various aspects of potential business that we probably have never known. We also want to shift the focus of young people everywhere in the world, especially in emerging markets from needs to dreams, so that they can inspire our business leaders, our politicians and policy makers to imagine the future differently.”

Metropolis magazine’s recognition of DREAM:IN comes at a time when the DREAM:IN movement is spreading wings in USA, Brazil and China, encouraging young people everywhere to dream and then work on transforming their dreams into viable business ventures.

Dream Camp – 23rd Feb, 2013 – Action

Day 2 – Action on dreams / Enterprise studio

Dream mentors


The second day of the Dream Camp saw twenty selected Dreamers come in, along with twenty Dream Scholars to officially start working on their ideas. Day 2 was also moderated by Sonia Manchanda and Mohan Polamar. The DREAM:IN Centre had been transformed into an enterprise studio with material and spaces created to help the Dreamers shape their dreams.

The day began with a briefing about the DreamScaping methodology by Sonia Manchanda. She explained the concept along with the benefits of using this tool to gain clarity over the ideas. DreamScaping, already being a tried and tested methodology developed by DREAM:IN, was explained in detail by Sonia, who also shared an example for the audience to better understand the process and outcome expected.

There were nine groups in all, each consisting of two Dreamers, two Dream Scholars and two mentors, who collectively worked on visualizing and structuring their dreams.

The first DreamScaping began soon after, where all the teams worked hard until lunch on the 1st dreamer’s venture/idea to create the DreamScapes. Soon after lunch, Dinesh Menaria from the DREAM:IN team and Aruj Garg (founder of Bhukkad) presented the Dream Plan concept. Unlike a typical business plan, the Dream Plan is literally a plan for one’s Dream. Several areas and points are covered in a Dream Plan, from softer issues like impact on environment, to more business oriented points like ROI, profits and losses etc. All the Dreamers were briefed on the Dream Plan as they had to create Dream Plans of their own dreams very soon.

As the day progressed, the teams worked together to put down the main features, points of action and vision for the future for each of the Dreamers which were then presented to the appreciative audience. Following this session, Kavya Anand and Parineeta Srivatsa from MD &T partners gave a small talk on the legalities associated with starting a firm of your own. They focused on four types of companies and briefed the audience about procedures required to gain copyrights, patents and trademarks. The Dreamers had interesting questions for them related to the legal procedures involved in starting a social enterprise. Some of these questions were also answered by Mr. Thimmaiah, partner at MD&T partners, who was also present.

After the session on law, the Dreamers continued working on the DreamScapes. Once the teams were decided, they were introduced to the DREAM:IN Super Mentors- Kanwaljit Singh – co-founder, Helion Ventures, Sandeep Dhar – CEO, Tesco HSC and Bala Warrier – CEO, Manipal Foundation.

Some of the Dreams that were presented were –

Bhukkad – Providing inexpensive and easy to make food to students on the campus. Aruj  Garg dreams of expanding this venture to other college campuses as well. At first 10 outlets will be opened with a central kitchen to improve efficiency and reduce the cost. The whole concept of Bhukkad is about creating a student adda (zone) with variety of universal food options available faster and anytime.

Oodio – Akash Raman’s Post production design for photographs and album designs. The Indian wedding market is the biggest in the world and post production design has great scope in India. Akash dreams of scaling up their already existing business by providing new services i.e. by reaching out to individual customers directly, stock photography and creating studios.

E- Save – Prannay Jha has developed an app called E-SAVE that can calculate energy consumption by electrical products. E-SAVE is a solution to help people to know their consumption and not only that it help them to choose electronic products based on the consumption and approximate charges. The consumers accessed this data through various technology and touch points.

At the end of two days, the DREAM:IN advisors –  Kanwaljit Singh, Bala Warrier and Sandeep Dhar witnessed speed pitches of 3 minutes each from 19 young dreamers. Their view was that

  • There was a lot of hard work and a lot of positive entrepreneurial energy in the hall.
  • The quality of idea and individual was one better than the other.
  • That the idea of the dreamer was more important than the idea of the entrepreneur and the methodology used by us should be shared with every potential entrepreneur in the country (this, from Mr. Kanwaljit, who has seen over 1000 pitches in his career)
  • That some dreams need to go big from Day one and thus need the quality of impetus and connections that DREAM:IN is providing.

The effort put in by everyone was appreciated and a special mention was given to all the Dream Mentors for taking time out to guide the next generation of visionaries. The Dreamers were all handed Dream Plans and were briefed on how to start working on their Dream Enterprises. Over the next few weeks, the Dreamers will continue to work with their assigned Dream Mentors and the DREAM:IN Team to create their Dream Plans. The session closed with a sense of achievement in the air as the Dreamers rejoiced in the confidence of having new and clearer ideas about their own and others’ dreams.

Overall, clearly there is a huge scope and need for creating such a system that wakes up young people and then very fast, helps them balance passion and purpose, confidence and humility, plan and creativity, talk and walk.
We are excited to share this very positive realization of our efforts and request your presence and involvement in our forthcoming camps. If India must make the most of its unique demographic dividend, it needs all our individual efforts to coalesce into a movement towards national growth.

The Dream Camp event closed with the promise of taking forward all that was discussed and discovered at the camp. The DREAM:IN team is looking forward to all future interactions with these promising dreamers and is awaiting the realization of their dreams!

The next DreamCamp will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of March, 2013. In case you are interested in participating, please drop an e mail to dream@dreamin.in

Dream Camp – 22nd Feb, 2013 – Interaction

It’s important to have your head in the clouds and your feet firmly on the ground’

Day 1 – Deep and meaningful interaction


DREAM:IN today is a global movement, with significant local players and action across Brazil, USA, India and more recently, China. DREAM:IN is also the convergence of seemingly opposing forces of growth and impact, investment and innovation, the real and the virtual, education and practice. In essence, DREAM:IN is an ‘inside-out’ process, methodology and system to change the basis of impact investing and value creation from needs to dreams, from systems to self. DREAM:IN Next Gen is an initiative that is being undertaken by DREAM:IN to capture and help realise the entrepreneurial aspirations of the youth of India.

Since September 2012, we have captured hundreds of entrepreneurial dreams of young people across south India and west India. This has involved traveling and presenting to thousands of students in over 100 higher educational institutions, training two batches of DreamCatchers to go out and capture entrepreneurial Dreams in their respective colleges. While trained DreamCatchers went out and managed to capture the Dreams of students from management, engineering, design, fine arts and degree colleges, there were also some potential entrepreneurs that approached DREAM:IN directly.

Our team, has been sifting, sorting and selecting these Dreams based on levels of inclusion, innovation and impact in these ideas and shortlisted the ones that were the strongest to be invited to Bangalore for Dream Camps where they will meet mentors and have an opportunity to shape their ideas and ventures, in preparation for the DREAM:IN Conclave, where a few selected Dreamers from the Dream Camps, will have the opportunity to present to investment community. With the first Dream Camp, we are pleased to announce that we have officially launched the ‘Realise’ phase of DREAM:IN Next Gen. The ideas and the dreams that we shortlisted had the potential to be entrepreneurial ventures, social action projects and even deep research initiatives.

The Dream Camp was and is an event that brings together potential entrepreneurs, experienced mentors, subject matter experts and big dreamers to interact with each other, shape dreams, share ideas and also take action towards taking these dreams towards reality. It is a two day event, where on Day 1, Dreamers (shortlisted potential entrepreneurs that have shared their dreams with us) are invited to the DREAM:IN Centre to interact and get feedback from DreamMentors, also to learn from special presentations that are delivered by subject matter experts (on various subjects). On Day 2, a few shortlisted Dreamers from Day 1, will be invited to take ‘action’ towards shaping their dreams, using the DreamScaping tool to create DreamScapes (Creative scenarios based on their initial dream), be briefed on the DreamPlan (not exactly a business plan, but a plan for their Dream) and have the opportunity to present their DreamScapes to DreamAdvisors (they have been introduced later on in this post)

Dream mentors

DREAM:IN was proud to host its first ever Dream Camp on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2013 at the DREAM:IN centre in Bangalore. The Dream Camp was the first step towards helping the next generation realize their dreams. The event brought together a vibrant, creative and highly enthusiastic group of young entrepreneurs with seasoned mentors and experienced professionals.

The event was moderated by Sonia Manchanda, co-founder and Creative chief, DREAM:IN + co-founder – Idiom Design and Consulting, and Mohan ‘Mo’ Polamar, Founder of No2co2.  The first day saw eighty Dreamers come in from various parts of south India and west India including Bangalore, Coimbatore, Pollachi, Perundurai, Vijaywada, Chennai, Kochi, Vizag, Manipal, Vellore and Mumbai. Twenty leaders from the fields of technology, sustainability, retail, design, healthcare and academics also came in to interact with and evaluate the entrepreneurs. The Dream Mentors that came in for the camp were –

Mr. Jehangir Tankariwala, Banking, planning and HR expert

Major Gen. N. K Manchanda, Doctor and administrative expert

Ms. Aleksandra Rose, Dean, NICC

Mr. Vipin C, Faculty, NICC

Mr. Ashim Roy, CEO, Stoke

Ms. Arundhuti Gupta, co-founder, Mentor Together

Mr. Ketan Hajarnavis,  Entrepreneur, strategic and operational expert

Mr. Sandeep Sangaru, founder, Sangaru Design objects

Mr. Sriram K, Sustainability expert

Mr. Prakash Unakal, ethnographer and faculty at We-school

Mr. Praveen Dwivedi, President, Future Ventures ltd.

Mr. Francois  Xavier, Entrepreneurship expert

Mr. Rana Chakrabarti, Design Thinking expert, SAP Labs

Mr. Neeraj Jain, Technology expert

Mr. Sridhar C, Architect, Idiom

Ms. Jaya C, sustainability expert

Mr. Arjun Chetna, Graphic designer, Wink

Ms. Nidhi Isaac, Graphic designer, Idiom

The event started with a brief and an introduction to DREAM:IN, which was then followed by a session by Sonia to explain the DreamWheel – a tool that has been developed by DREAM:IN, which is designed to evaluate and develop every entrepreneur from a 360 degree perspective. This tool takes in to account the individual as well as the idea and allows the user to intuitively score the creative and the logical aspects of both the idea and the individual.

Care was taken to pair DreamMentors with Dreamers and Dreams so that they could add maximum value or lend maximum expertise to. The mentors had long interactive discussions with the Dreamers about their vision, the milestones they had already achieved and their plans for the future. Along with the innovation, applicability and impact of their ideas, the mentors were also able to understand the Dreamers themselves- their passion, vision and resilience. Having interacted with their mentors, the Dreamers acquired a better understanding of their ideas, making them more goal oriented and refreshed with new insights. Every Dreamer interacted with 2 mentors, and it was a great point of reflection. Mentorship was concentrated on each area of expertise from legal, technical to even experiential.

Soon after lunch, Big Dreamer, Sandeep Dhar, CEO, Tesco India, addressed the audience. Mr. Dhar has over 20 years of experience with giants like Sapient Corporation, Mphasis and ABN-AMRO Bank among others. His talk started with the video of – Gangam Style by Psy, whom he spoke about being an entrepreneur in his own right, followed by a popular clip from the motion picture, The Matrix. With his high energy talk and Q&A sessions, he instilled in them the spirit and passion of a dreamer along with the importance of having a belief that you need to stick to. He shared his experience and wisdom with regard to the important characteristics of the person behind a dream.  His session provided our Dreamers with an opportunity to understand how to realize these dreams, from the standpoint of a practicing mentor.

After imbibing valuable perspectives from their mentors, all the Dreamers attended two presentations at the DREAM:IN centre by Arundhuti Gupta, Founder, ‘Mentor Together’ and Victor Vina, an interaction designer by profession and a DREAM:IN team member. Arundhuti’s presentation focused on the work done by ‘Mentor Together’ in providing resourceful mentorship to urban economically-deprived children and young adults. She stressed on the importance of mentorship and the importance of giving the right encouragement, which can go a long way in helping a dreamer fully realize his/ her dream. Victor Vina’s presentation focused on five sharp ideas on how to use technology in a more interactive and user-friendly manner. His fresh take on the uses and misuses of technology around us was thought provoking and ended Day One on a high note.

As the Dreamers headed out with a better understanding of how to take on the world with their dreams, it was time for the DREAM:IN Team to gather once again with the mentors to hand-pick the ones who already were a step ahead with their ideas and to invite them to Day Two. All the mentors gathered together to discuss and select Dreamers for the next day. Scores were compiled and compared and valuable feedback was also given. After an intense session filled with debates to select entrepreneurs to move forward, we managed to select twenty dreamers collectively to come back again for day two of the Dream Camp. The sixty Dreamers that did not make it to the second were briefed and asked to work a bit more on their ideas, so that we may invite them for another DreamCamp.

Overall, Day One was a promising attempt in order to give shape to fresh ideas, developing the right traits to nurture those ideas to make them more open, powerful and goal-oriented.