Dreamers of the day- Vetrishelvan and Muthukumar



VETRISHELVAN and MUTHUKUMAR are students of civil engineering in MCET, Pollachi near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. They dream of developing ‘Geo-polymer concrete’, which is an alternative to cement. Geo-polymer concrete is made up of waste material from thermal power stations and is suitable for pre-cast concrete and pre-fabricating concrete.

Using Geo-polymer concrete will bring in a lot of benefits. The fast developing apartment complexes can use the pre-cast concretes which come in handy due to the growing scarcity of civil engineers. This reduces construction time by a significant percentage.

Additionally, their concrete alternative uses less water, is much cheaper and can help people save 15-20% from construction costs. This reduces the overall construction expense and will also benefit the environment since Geo-polymer concrete is made from recycled waste material.

You can watch Vetrishelvan’s and Muthukumar’s dream here:



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Dreamer of the Day- Ashwin


Ashwin is a young dreamer from Christ University, Bangalore where he is currently pursuing his MBA. His big dream is to see India as a clean country. From the time he was an engineering student, Ashwin has been contributing to a cleaner India by working on cleanliness projects with corporations, waste management systems etc.

After starting his MBA course, Ashwin decided to let his dream take up an entrepreneurial shape. He has developed a business plan along with his friend. The plan will use generators to convert waste material into a source of energy. He has been presenting this idea of his at various business plan competitions and is seeking investment to take his idea forward. You can watch Ashwin’s dream here:


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Dreamer of the Day- Sachya



SACHYA is a student of Christ University, Bangalore. He is currently pursuing his MBA and dreams of starting his own chain of Italian restaurants.

Sachya says that the USP of his restaurant chain will be that diners will have the choice of customizing their food. Some choice Italian dishes can be prepared in a short span of time and diners will have the option of choosing the ingredients that go into their food. They can even come into the kitchens and have a shot at cooking food themselves.  Watch Sachya’s dream here:


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Meeting with IDEX Fellows and IDIOM at the DREAM:IN centre


On 10th December the DREAM:IN team met with members of the IDEX Fellowship and a few members of IDIOM at the DREAM:IN Centre for a short meeting. This meeting was a way for all three parties to understand each other, i.e. the work, the culture and the vision.


Amy, the field coordinator with IDEX started the session by inviting the IDEX fellows to introduce themselves. Through the introductions, questions and comments we were able to understand the work done by the fellows and the impact it has. It was great to know that the fellows were working in areas like healthcare, learning development through games, education and so on.

Following a brief introduction of the DREAM:IN team and the team from IDIOM, Rahul gave a short presentation on the Next Gen project, the plan and the process.


Jacob speaking about the Spring Health project


After another round of questions about the Next Gen project from the IDEX fellows, Jacob, the Co-Founder of IDIOM spoke about ‘Spring Health’ a social enterprise that he has been involved in. Spring Health provides clean water to villages through kirana shops. There was a lot of interest about this project and the questions continued well after the session was over.


Kiran, from IDIOM shared a presentation that featured some of the most successful projects undertaken by them. There were many design related questions and queries related to Kiran’s presentation that were answered by Sonia and Jacob.


Sonia addressing queries


The session wound down after an exchange about the experiences of the fellows at their workplace. It was great to see everyone in the audience take time out to interact with each other after the meeting!

We had a wonderful time and we look forward to future collaborations!


Sharing ideas and thoughts after the meeting!


You can find out more here:

Next gen projecthttp://dreamin.in/next_gen.php

IDEX Fellowshiphttp://idexaccelerator.com

Spring Health:   http://springhealth.co.in


IDEX Accelerator- Host a Fellow 2013

In the last few months DREAM:IN has had the pleasure of interacting with members and fellows from IDEX Accelerator, a platform which supports and promotes social entrepreneurs. Launched in 2009 by Gray Matters Capital (GMC) and headquartered in Hyderabad, IDEX facilitates the placement of talented young individuals in social enterprises which are looking to apply innovation and bring about positive change.

IDEX aims to connect social enterprises in India with a global network of fellows who show an exemplary track record through their academics, individual efforts to work in emerging markets and are creative and easy to adapt.

IDEX Fellow at work (Pictutre courtesy :http: //idexaccelerator.com/)

IDEX is currently looking for partners in India who will host a fellow for 6 months for the 2013 session. To know more about the ‘Host A Fellow’ programme, we got in touch with Amy Watson, field coordinator with IDEX and Jessica Chittaphong, an IDEX fellow.

Amy spoke to us about the benefits a fellow and the host partners get by becoming a part of this programme. From the perspective of a fellow, most experiences are a derivative of working onground for a social enterprise in India. There is an opportunity to learn about the enterprise they work in, identify problems and solutions, interact with people who work towards progress and most importantly have an experience of a lifetime. The enterprises where fellows work in, span areas like education, healthcare, environment and so on.

The partners who host IDEX fellows experience highly talented and skilled individuals who bring with them a fresh perspective and tools required for positive development. The fellows are selected after undergoing a selection process that aims to discover the most creative and ideating minds. The selection process also aims to find the right match for every enterprise and provides training to the fellows before they start work. Field coordinators are also assigned to mentor the fellows and provide support to both parties.

Jessica, an IDEX fellow who has been working with a start-up in Bangalore for the last 4 months added that her experience as a fellow has been very rewarding. She has learnt a lot about Indian social enterprises and has picked up many new skills during her tenure. She also added that the presence of a cohort system between all the IDEX fellows provides each of them an opportunity to learn from one another.

IDEX Fellows interacting with each other

Both Jessica and Amy highlighted the fact that one of the best things about hosting fellow is the fact that he/she is already committed to making a difference. This not only makes the fellows work hard but also offers to the partners a dedicated employee.

 The IDEX fellowship is therefore a process which promotes talent cultivation on many levels. It allows social enterprises the opportunity to have young people with diverse backgrounds work with them towards a common goal.

The interaction that DREAM:IN has had with the fellows has been very engaging. We believe that the IDEX fellows are a group of extremely bright people and that social enterprises will experience numerous benefits by hosting them.

To find out more about IDEX and how you can host a fellow log on to http://idexaccelerator.com/apply/hosting-a-fellow/

Interview with Vineeth Vincent from Side Step Solutions


Glen Ivan Suchitha and Vineeth Vincent from Side Step Solutions


Q1) Vineeth, Welcome to the DREAM:IN office! You have an impressive list of achievements, so why don’t you tell us about them, and yourself?

I started Beatboxing in 2008 and since then I have been performing all over the country! Beatboxing has been a great experience for me and the highlight was getting the world record for the largest human beatbox ensemble involving 1,246 students at my college, Christ University. I currently work with Side Step Solutions, which was founded by me and Glen Suchitha. We work towards promoting artists in social responsibility and artist self sustainability. Our 2 main projects are Beatroute and Freeze.

On a personal note, I am a people’s person and that’s why the focus of all my endeavours is to connect with people.


Q2) What are your views on the youth of the country and what do you think the future holds for them?

I honestly am a little bit scared that the youth may be getting a bit lost. I feel that there aren’t enough positive role models, so the youth becomes confused about which direction to go. The problem is that the youth are ready to rebel and revolt but they don’t do it in a structured way. For instance if they are upset with the Government they may not necessarily take steps towards action, but continue to criticize. I feel that if the youth are taught useful life skills to sustain themselves and others they will have a bright future.


Q3) As a budding entrepreneur what are the best and the worst things about a startup/being an entrepreneur?

One of the negative things about starting out young is that no one takes you seriously. People believe that due to inexperience we don’t know how markets work, or that we don’t take our work seriously. Another obstacle is the fact that many times we are not connected to the right people. So even if we are meeting the right company, the people who we end up meeting aren’t the right ones.

The positives on the other hand are many! One of the best things about starting your own company is the fact that you get to make your own decisions, which are not influenced by other people. You have the freedom to make the right decisions based on what you feel is best. Another big positive is the rush that you get when you create positivity and influence someone else’s life.


Q4) What dream do you have for yourself?

I would like to retire by 35, i.e. be able to create something by the age of 35, which can grow and multiply on its own.

DreamCatcher Training session Day 2

December 3rd  dawned bright and clear! As the rest of the world hurried out to their jobs, colleges, commitments and more, 65 young people returned to the DREAM:IN centre for Day 2 of the DreamCatcher training session.

Sporting their brand new DreamCatcher Tees, the DreamCatchers filled out the centre in hues of blue, red, grey and black.


The Dreamer and the DreamCatcher

The first session of the day was a nice surprise for the participants. They were paired up in combinations of Dreamer and DreamCatcher and were asked to capture dreams within 30 minutes.


Dreaming in action!

As soon as the participants were handed cameras they took off to find empty, quiet spaces to capture the best dreams possible. We saw participants sit on chairs and stairs, film outdoors and indoors and battle shaking hands, noise and focus settings!

At the end of 30 minutes, the videos were collected and reviewed by Avy and Professor Pathare. Jeevan Pathare is the HOD of the Photography Department at NICC, Bangalore and has been involved with DREAM:IN since April 2012. He reviewed 5 dreams that were captured and gave feedback for each one.


Jeevan Pathare conducting his session ‘Art of Seeing’

Professor Pathare conducted a very helpful session on the ‘Art of Seeing’. He started the session by showing everyone 3 ad films that were of high standard. (One of the ads about a camera brand even featured Professor Pathare!) He then went on to give all present, pointers on how to best work with their cameras and capture technically sound dreams. He focused on the aspects of framing, light, Frames Per Second, focus and so on. His session also featured the principles of photography and videography. Throughout the session and after, the DreamCatchers had many questions for Professor Pathare and the resulting interaction was light yet, informative.


Vineeth and Glen interacting with the DreamCatchers

After Professor Pathare’s session two young Dreamers, Vineeth Vincent and Glen Ivan Suchitha from Side Step Solutions, were invited to address the DreamCatchers. They spoke about the importance of making a dreamer comfortable before capturing his/her dreams. They also spoke about their company, the work that they have been doing so far and the guidance they have been getting from the DREAM:IN mentors. They answered questions from the audience about their involvement with music and events and their vision for the future.


Julius beatboxing!

Vineeth and Glen then invited Julius Mitchell a beatboxer from Sri Lanka who is currently collaborating with them to perform. Julius enthralled the gathering with his performance earning big cheers and even a standing ovation from a few!

After the performance, though it was time for lunch, many participants stayed back to speak to Vineeth, Glen and Julius. Discussions were rampant across the room with topics ranging from music, education, cultures etc.



DreamCatchers continued to make new friends and speak to new people over lunch before they cam back into the centre for the last session of the day.

All DreamCatchers were once again paired up and asked to capture dreams, but this time keeping in mind all the pointers and theories discussed over the last 2 days. There was a definite sense of urgency and attention to detail as the DreamCatchers worked hard to capture the best dreams they could. While some teams finished in a jiffy, others were finishing up until the last few seconds.


Time to Dream-catch!

The final review of the dreams captured was conducted by Professor Pathare along with Avy. Every dream that was captured was shown to all the participants and the DreamCatchers were given feedback on the quality of work done. It was great to see that the standard of dreams had indeed risen at the end of the two days. The videos were clear, with good sound and lighting.


Laughing and learning!

The DreamCatchers were a positive lot who were open to laughing about some mistakes they had made and learning from them. This attitude reinforced our belief in the DreamCatchers and their openness to learn.

At the end of this session everyone around the room was in good spirits. Photos were taken, numbers were exchanged and promises to find each other on Facebook were made. The DreamCatchers were handed cameras and DreamCatching kits and wished luck by the DREAM:IN Team members.

group pic!DC2

We were delighted to host the training session for a group of talented, young individuals who will now go into the world seeking out Dreamers and give them an opportunity to realize their dreams.

We wish them good luck and eagerly await their caught-dreams!