Kush Medhora and Rahul Vijaykumar at the Business Leadership Forum at MP Birla institute of Management, Bangalore


Kush Medhora and Rahul Vijaykumar made a presentation on DREAM:IN Next Gen at the Business Leadership Forum event at the MP Birla Institute of Management, Bangalore.

MP Birla is an established college under Bangalore University that offers its students MBA degrees taught in a holistic manner along with a host of co-curricular activities.

Kush addressed the students and gave them a brief introduction about how DREAM:IN was conceived and how he became a part of the project. The students were taken through the pilot DREAM:IN 2011 Journey and the more focused DREAM:IN Tumkur project to get a better understanding the scope of the enterprise. Kush and Rahul then explained the various stages of the Next Gen process and opened up a discussion with the students.

Both students and faculty had numerous questions about DREAM:IN and the Next Gen plan. Some of the questions were about the sustainability of DREAM:IN as a for-profit organization and its role in the selection and scaling up of dreams. Other questions pertained to the type of dreams that one could upload, both social or commercial in nature. Students also wanted clarity about the role of DREAM:IN in connecting young entrepreneurs with the required networks of mentors and investment sources for support. They were assured that DREAM:IN’s central role is in facilitating such connections and extending support in areas like legal advice, HR, Design, etc.

Further, if students already had an entrepreneurial idea, they would be enabled through the DREAM:IN network to Dreamscape it, make it viable and expand and scale up the project.

There were questions asked about the criteria which would be followed to select a dream. Kush clarified that the methodology designed for this, which is in the process of being patented, would be revealed once the patenting process was complete.

A faculty member wanted to know what is the guarantee of success of an entrepreneurial idea and such a program. Kush explained the importance of a global platform like DREAM:IN as a tool to guide and give exposure to students who would face difficulty in the coming years to gain employment.

There were other questions from students about the details they would have to reveal on the website and later on to the Venture Capitalists. Rahul and Kush explained that in the 2-minute video to be uploaded onto the website only the essence of the idea need be put up. Later on, during the selection process they would have to reveal the details of their business plan to their mentors and facilitators.

What about the 9900 dreams that would remain on the portal after 100 ventures are selected? The portal is open source and there is always an opportunity for a dreamer to discover that his idea has picked up by VCs, mentors and the like, who visit the website to trawl it for potential ideas and dreamers willing to turn into entrepreneurs.

It was an exciting time for DREAM:IN to be with the Next Generation students at the Business Leadership Forum where the curiosity and enthusiasm of the youth was at a high.  Another positive experience both for DREAM:IN and Next Gen students coming into contact with this global movement!

Interview with Dr Latha Krishnan, Director, MBA Department at SONA College of Technology


Q1. Dr Latha what are your thoughts on DREAM:IN?

I think DREAM:IN is going to be a big journey. It has a lot of potential and will definitely make a difference in the lives of many people.
The concept works because it can bring in social change in society. It can unleash the potential of the youth.

Q2. As a teacher, what is your impression of the youth?
The youth today is more socially conscious and wants to do something for themselves and society. But, they do need some guidance to bring about positive change to effectively use the opportunities provided.
I see that the youth wants to dream big but they have some fear and anxiety in their minds.

Q3. Can you tell us something about yourself?
I am a very positive person and I believe that every minute is God’s gift. I feel we all need to live a purposeful life.
Professionally, have worked with NGO’s related to micro-credit, women empowerment ,,and of course teaching.

Q4. What is your dream?
I want to see smiles on the faces of everyone and see everyone be enthusiastic.