Interview with Aishwarya MC, Intern at Dream:in

Q1) Aishwarya, welcome to Dream: in! Can you tell us what your experiences at Dream: in have been like?

I have already learnt a lot! I feel that the idea of helping others and the generation to come is a brilliant idea. Since I have joined I have learnt about communicating with the outside world, going up to people and getting to know them and asking them about their dreams. All of these experiences will definitely help me in the future .Additionally I have also learnt a lot more about design and the real world .

Q2) What do you think a young person in India wants today?

Most young people these days are looking forward to being successful and leading a comfortable life. In India I think everyone today wants corruption free politics and a cleaner India to live in.

Q3) What are your expectations about the future with regard to the youth? Do you think they will be better off?

My expectations for the youth are that they help make India a better place to live in. I am sure they will be better off as they are the ones living in today’s modern world. There are far better opportunities and many avenues for them to explore.

Q4) How do you think universities and academic programmes can better equip students to prepare for the demanding world outside of their colleges?

I think that learning should not only be a product of book knowledge. Colleges should provide learning through experiential methods also. Now that our world is truly becoming globalized perhaps colleges should also introduce discussions about current affairs and the world, along with foreign languages.

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