Interview with Maddalen Gil, our new member from Spain

Q1 Maddalen, welcome to DREAM:IN! Let me start by asking you what drew you to work at DREAM:IN.

I was looking for companies where I could work on Social Design and areas which focused on making changes in a sensitive manner, away from the existing markets. I had heard a lot about DREAM:IN from friends who had gone on the DREAM:IN journey, so I decided to check it out.

I liked the website a lot… the design, the colours.. it was so vibrant! I also liked the videos, because it puts you directly in contact with people.  I also thought that the idea behind the company was good.

Q2 You have now been in Bangalore for around a month. What have your experiences been like?

My first impression of Bangalore was that it was really chaotic! I wondered..’ where have I come?’  There was so much noise, traffic and so many people! But I really thought about the city while traveling around in auto rickshaws. It makes you look inside yourself at a deeper level. I realized that there was a balance to the chaos.

Q3. What do you think about the state of the youth in Spain, or generally around the world?

In Spain, the mail challenge faced by the youth is that there is no future opportunity. Not only in terms of jobs, but also in terms of lack of options. The youth in Spain was till recently leading a comfortable life, but now they have to fight for opportunity everyday. So it is difficult for them, since they have to adapt to a new type of life.

But at the same time In Spain, and I think in other parts of the world also, people are now becoming innovative i.e the innovative spirit is increasing. They however face challenges since they get no funding from institutions like banks.

Q4 How do you think DREAM:IN can be successful?

Since DREAM:IN is working on a social media level, it will be very successful with the youth.

The other important feature of DREAM:IN is that it puts the youth in direct contact with potential investors. This is very useful because nowadays banks don’t give loans that easily.

Also, In a country like India which is still developing an idea like DREAM:IN can be introduced much more easily.

Q5 What do you dream for yourself?

I personally dream of traveling and leaning more through my experiences. Along with that, I also dream of working in a society where everyone has opportunity.

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