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Interview with Aishwarya MC, Intern at Dream:in

Q1) Aishwarya, welcome to Dream: in! Can you tell us what your experiences at Dream: in have been like?

I have already learnt a lot! I feel that the idea of helping others and the generation to come is a brilliant idea. Since I have joined I have learnt about communicating with the outside world, going up to people and getting to know them and asking them about their dreams. All of these experiences will definitely help me in the future .Additionally I have also learnt a lot more about design and the real world .

Q2) What do you think a young person in India wants today?

Most young people these days are looking forward to being successful and leading a comfortable life. In India I think everyone today wants corruption free politics and a cleaner India to live in.

Q3) What are your expectations about the future with regard to the youth? Do you think they will be better off?

My expectations for the youth are that they help make India a better place to live in. I am sure they will be better off as they are the ones living in today’s modern world. There are far better opportunities and many avenues for them to explore.

Q4) How do you think universities and academic programmes can better equip students to prepare for the demanding world outside of their colleges?

I think that learning should not only be a product of book knowledge. Colleges should provide learning through experiential methods also. Now that our world is truly becoming globalized perhaps colleges should also introduce discussions about current affairs and the world, along with foreign languages.

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“Dreams are ex…

“Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you imagine it.”
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Starting September 2012 and peaking in February 2013, DREAM:IN Next Gen is a plan to search,
select, shape, shortlist, showcase and scale a 100 youth dreams. Across south of India, As Next
Gen enterprises or as plans for social action. That are imaginative and impactful. With the best local
and global talent as catalysts and subsequently, as mentors.

The DREAM:IN methodology is key here, allowing for innovation and incubation at a massive scale.
It is a sophisticated combination of ethnography, anthropology, design research and design thinking
with simple and powerful communication and film making. To weave message and effect and to
enable the dream, believe and realize process.

DREAM:IN Next Gen, anchored out of Bangalore will lead the way for the Next Generation to no
longer be consumers of income and employment and instead become creators of new value and
meaning. Starting from India and leading the way for other emerging nations.

Over 10,000 of these dreams; and more, nationally and globally can be viewed on
and will be tracked across the three phases: dream, believe, realize.



DREAM:IN will partner with 50 eminent and progressive institutions across South and West India:
Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and parts of Maharashtra and Goa.

4 volunteers from each of the respective institutions/270 dreamcatchers will receive instructions
on the methodology for independently executing a DREAM:IN Next Gen campaign internally and
externally in their respective institutions.

They will also be trained to interview potential dreamers and record dreams as video clips of a
professional quality in terms of both content and technique.

The DREAM:IN campaign, inviting next gen dreamers will run online and offline, across
9 clusters of towns and cities, 12 days across each cluster, some will be staggered whilst
others will be simultaneous.

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In this period, a total of 10,000 dreams will be recorded as videos, by the dreamcatchers locally.
Or uploaded directly on and reviewed and categorised by the DREAM:IN team.


The dreams will be viewed, analysed and sifted. So that only the most sustainable ones,
from a societal, environmental and economic standpoint are selected in these categories

A. pre entrepreneurship stage
B. budding entrepreneurs
C. emerging entrepreneurs.

According to expert estimates, about 3,000 dreams will be selected.


The DREAM:IN team and selected members from the The DREAM:IN network [A group of up to
20 people that includes talent in the policy, enterprise, design, innovation and finance space] will
integrate in a panel. That will leverage technology to connect with the dreamers individually and
provide the know-how and the mentorship to shape their dreams. Into scenarios, venture ideas,
plans, prototypes and impact ventures. By this stage, there would be about 500 visionary start-ups
and social action projects.


At this pre investment stage, the 500 shaped plans and the young aspirants who will finally turn
them into impactful ventures will be systematically, brought face to face via skype with a preinvestment
advisory group consisting of 5 people. 100 shortlisted young persons will be invited to
Bangalore for a 4 day DREAM:IN Camp, and there will be a total of 3 DREAM:IN Camps. Where the
dreamers will be prepared to present at the DREAM:IN Conclave.



The DREAM:IN Next Gen Conclave will be a global event in Bangalore, India. Over three days,
leaders; innovation and design catalysts will converge to dream with a young India, the aspirations of
the next generation and what the impact of those aspirations is to the future of India and the world,
will be brought alive.

Furthermore, what is now and what is next will be bridged with investments. And an optimistic and
realistic new beginning will be made, to dream, believe and realize with the next generation.
The DREAM:IN Next Gen Conclave will create the ideal platform to dream big and confident dreams
and to scale them imaginatively.


Over two days, 100 young dreamers, selected from amongst 10,000 from South India will have
a stage and an audience to share their dream. The audience will consist of leaders in policy,
social service, enterprise, innovation and design. Leading technology and innovation brands and
corporations will also be represented.

The presentations and talks by the young dreamers will be interspersed with reflections and analysis
by experts. Inspiring life stories of 20 really big dreamers will provide inspiration and impetus for the
participants and all attendees. 10 selected young dreamers will travel from Brazil and New York to
share their dreams. An audience of over 300 is expected.

The event will be livecasted and thus viewed simultaneously by students and faculty in 50
participating Institutions, 6 Brazilian Universities, 1 Design School in NY, USA and more. And all the
dreams can also be viewed on


A long day full of ideas and plans, the dreamscaping sessions will be anchored by some of the best
design catalysts globally and take the participants, who will be leaders in their own fields, through
design thinking sessions to demonstrate how dreams can be realized quite swiftly actually, given
the right team and approach. A ‘book of dreams’, which will have open source ideas – that fulfill
the aspirations of next generation will be prepared and made available to all participants before they

Venture Book Room: Across the three days, Investors will have conversations with the young
entrepreneurs/leaders, along with their mentors. By appointment, in the Venture Book Room where
all ventures will be displayed as panels, products, stories and scenarios.

Independent meetings for each venture could continue upto a period of 1-3 months. And investees,
mentors and the DREAM:IN team will be involved either online or physically.

Theater of dreams: A theater of dreams will be set up, where dreamclips of 60 seconds each will
run continuously 24/7 across 9th, 10th, 11th Jan. And fresh ones will be recorded as well.


Attendees, especially international guests could opt for the DREAM:IN Experience and visit next
generation enterprises and meet progressive thinkers at their places of work and stay. To get the
real flavour and have a deep and meaningful immersion in a dynamic city and a rich and complex

The DREAM:IN Next Gen Conclave will seed the process and launch the online platform and most
likely, the next 10,000 dreams will be uploaded automatically and voluntarily.

An imagination network, a design system and a technology product to enable young people
everywhere to Dream, Believe and Realise.

A global network and organization headquartered in Bangalore, India that is at one level, developing
onground and online systems and networks to understand the aspirations of the youth, to create
a core of qualitative and quantitative data. And at another level, is a super incubator of imaginative
new ideas, providing resources and inputs to shape and scale them.

Interview with Maddalen Gil, our new member from Spain

Q1 Maddalen, welcome to DREAM:IN! Let me start by asking you what drew you to work at DREAM:IN.

I was looking for companies where I could work on Social Design and areas which focused on making changes in a sensitive manner, away from the existing markets. I had heard a lot about DREAM:IN from friends who had gone on the DREAM:IN journey, so I decided to check it out.

I liked the website a lot… the design, the colours.. it was so vibrant! I also liked the videos, because it puts you directly in contact with people.  I also thought that the idea behind the company was good.

Q2 You have now been in Bangalore for around a month. What have your experiences been like?

My first impression of Bangalore was that it was really chaotic! I wondered..’ where have I come?’  There was so much noise, traffic and so many people! But I really thought about the city while traveling around in auto rickshaws. It makes you look inside yourself at a deeper level. I realized that there was a balance to the chaos.

Q3. What do you think about the state of the youth in Spain, or generally around the world?

In Spain, the mail challenge faced by the youth is that there is no future opportunity. Not only in terms of jobs, but also in terms of lack of options. The youth in Spain was till recently leading a comfortable life, but now they have to fight for opportunity everyday. So it is difficult for them, since they have to adapt to a new type of life.

But at the same time In Spain, and I think in other parts of the world also, people are now becoming innovative i.e the innovative spirit is increasing. They however face challenges since they get no funding from institutions like banks.

Q4 How do you think DREAM:IN can be successful?

Since DREAM:IN is working on a social media level, it will be very successful with the youth.

The other important feature of DREAM:IN is that it puts the youth in direct contact with potential investors. This is very useful because nowadays banks don’t give loans that easily.

Also, In a country like India which is still developing an idea like DREAM:IN can be introduced much more easily.

Q5 What do you dream for yourself?

I personally dream of traveling and leaning more through my experiences. Along with that, I also dream of working in a society where everyone has opportunity.

I hope that #dr…

I hope that #dreamin will be able to fulfill all the dreams of #children in the #world! I want #dreamin to have more events like this! #dreamtree