The Dream Tree at the travelling Indo – German Urban Mela

Over the past 10 days, the Dream Tree has been on display at the cross maidan in Mumbai. A part of the Indo-German Urban Mela, the Dream Tree was housed in the Deutsche Bank Pavilion that featured innovative projects from across the country, DREAM:IN being one of them.


Shagun Singh from Designwala had written about DREAM:IN in 2011. She has been following the project over the past year and when she heard about the Indo-German Urban Mela, she thought DREAM:IN was a perfect fit! She then introduced us to the team at Ogilvy & Mather in Mumbai who were handling the Deutsche Bank Pavilion there.


The Dream tree has been very well received in Mumbai, where people were asked to share their dream for the city. Over 2000 people visited the Dream tree exhibit and tagged their dream on the tree.

Anthony Padayachi, a former DreamCatcher that went on the journey had this to say about the exhibit “Loved it! The Dream:In tree without any doubt had the maximum people engagement. Was great to see people from all walks of life dreaming big for Mumbai, more importantly believing in it! ”


Jyotika Purwar, a part of the Mumbai team had this to say “The dream tree was the biggest hit. everyone loved the project. see you in Bangalore.”

The Dream Tree will be at the following cities on the dates given below –

Bangalore: June 22nd to July 1st, 2012

Chennai: August 24th to September 2nd, 2012

New Delhi: October 26th to November 4th, 2012

Pune: Jan 11th to Jan 20th, 2013.

We hope you can make it to all these cities. In any case, follow our twitter account @The_Dream_Tree to read all the dreams that have been tagged so far and keep watching this space for more news on the Dream Tree

See you in Bangalore!

TiE Event, Bangalore 21st apr, 2012

Given below is a summary of the first session that took place on Saturday, the 21st of April in the DREAM:IN Center

SIG Retail


Special Interest Group – Founded by Hemu

New Age Retail – comprises of

  1. Data Analysis – Analaysis + Data mining + CRM
  2. Online + Offline businesses in Retail
  3. Ecommerce + Mobile
  4. Technology as a tool for focus to promote entrepreneurship in retail

Key Note Address : Dr. Gibson, CEO of Retail Asso. Of India

He spoke about the evolution of retail from the barter systems to trading on ports under colonization to development of organised logistics in India and back under unorganised logistics and retail in today’s India.

He says that through the times the buying behaviour of Indians and family roles that determine collective buying patterns have changed. So it’s impact on buyer/User roles in modern India have be modified, keeping retailers and business men on their toes all the time.


He insists that the success and focus of Indian retail and therefore all trading and logistics should be profitability and viable business models.

Mr. Mehdi had the perspective that for the prosperity of Indian Retail the following aspects must be addressed

  1. Potential of online retail
  2. Identifying new niches of consumers
  3. Following the line of though- discomfort for retail reduced
  4. Greater options and addressing greater entry barriers for new retail businesses
  5. Recognising increased removal of pain points continually
  6. Recognising and removals of myths on cash on delivery models
  7. Security of online payment gateway
  8. Addressing solvable issues on logistics in the long term
  9. Its easier to solve trading and logistics issues in the long term than change consumer mindset


Ms. Arti Ganesh addressed consumer insecurity of online transactions and how tie ups with nationalised banks has helped restore faith in online buying

She says that opportunities as a consumer and an investor lay in creating disruptive retail models on account of Indian retail reaching an ‘investor inflection point’. The opportunities for consumers, however, were as follows

  1. Standard issue merchandise, online buying
  2. Online identity creation
  3. Services, online
  4. Feeder and support services, online
  5. India specific online business models – modified to ally to Indian consumer mindset
  6. Increased reach to be greatest focus of Indian Retail, online as well as offline
  7. Solving challenges in execution – ERetail Consulting

The Challenges in Indian Retail as agreed by the panel, to be confronted in the next 5 years are

  1. Western hemisphere models cannot be copied and applied in India – This Mentality needs to change
  2. Many retail models are incomplete business plans.
  3. Retail in India is still capital intensive. This should not only change as a mindset, but also that business men should apply commercial intellect to resolve this problem by business partnership and sourcing.
  4. Retail still suffers from long term lack of profitability as most companies struggle to break even.
  5. Many Business models are scalable but are not well founded and therefore make chronic losses
  6. Value creation is severely underestimated.
  7. Completion and big players scare away or defeat entry levels
  8. The mentality of spoiling consumers must change.
    value proposition Vs. freebies/discounts
  9. The belief that in India, businesses need scale for profitability
  10. Most retailers and logistics partners ignore the convenience of consumers which will turn the retail industry in India into a conducive environment to businesses. They tend to work on supplying technology than convenience to consumers.
  11. Dependency on erratic Consumer behaviour is high. Consumer dependency Vs. awareness of retailers in the minds of users/consumers.


Opportunities in retail without online transactions:

Panel:   Kabir Lumba, Lifestyle Retail
            Kiran Natkarni, Investor, Kaati Zone


The Dream Tree at the Deutsche Bank Pavilion

From what we’ve been hearing from our team in Mumbai, the Dream Tree is one of the main attractions at the Pavilion.

We’ve already gone through over 1500 Dream Tags, and the weekend has only begun.

Here are some images from the Dream Tree in Mumbai.



If you are in the city, drop by at the Cross Maidan between 10 am and 10 pm, until tomorrow and share your dream on the Dream Tree. We will be tweeting them out very soon!


DREAM:IN at the Indo-German Urban Mela, Mumbai

Germany and India 2011-12: Infinite Opportunities


To mark the 60th anniversary of Indo-German diplomatic relations, the two countries are hosting a collaborative celebration entitled ‘Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities’. The events are organized around the theme ‘StadtRäume – CitySpaces’ broaching the implications of rapid urbanization and challenges posed by the pace of change in cities today.

The spotlight of the event is on the Mobile Space Metro Tour, a unique concept of pavilions touring five metros, across a period of 15 months, that showcase ideas and solutions related to the overarching theme of the project. 

DREAM:IN is being featured at the Deutsche Bank’s Mobile Space that brings alive its ‘passion to perform’ attitude. 

The projects featured include a mix of Deutsche Bank supported projects as well as guest projects by thinkers and change makers. The pavilion also showcases interactive pieces such as the ‘Dream Tree’ upon whose branches people can tie dreams and read about the DREAM:IN Project in the DREAM:IN project zone.

Some of the other ideas at the DB pavilion include Solar Impulse – a solar powered aircraft, the $300 house – a design challenge that came up with low-cost housing solutions for the poor, and Windowfarms – a hydroponic farming system that allows city dwellers to grow their own food.

The Pavilion hopes to leave the visitor with a feeling that a better future is not just wishful thinking but a reality that’s in the making. 


Mumbai’s rejuvenated Cross Maiden Garden offers the perfect backdrop for the fifteen exquisite multi-purpose pavilions that form the much anticipated Indo-German Urban Mela. Over ten days, each pavilion will feature a dynamic selection of interactive presentations, conferences and cultural performances hosted by German corporations and organisations.

So If you’re in Mumbai this week, Drop by any time between 10am to 10pm, until the 22nd of April, 2012.

Watch this space for updates on the Travelling exhibition, as well as news and images from the Pavilion!

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