Dream A Day | Friday

Give Love

Nuwan Tsering from Mcleod Gunj works at a shop that makes Tibetan traditional dresses in Dharamsala. He lost his parents when he was just a child and because of this, his dream is to provide a helping hand to children who have lost their parents.

Dream A Day | Thursday

Righteous Society

Shishir Mangala from Bhatinda always dreamed of becoming a doctor but after the business he is in, he would now like to live a life of devotion. He believes there should be righteousness in society. If he had the chance he would bridge the gap between the rich & the poor.

Dream A Day | Wednesday

World In Your Pocket

Shaqlaib Khan is from Bulandsehar. He loves to dance but doesn’t know how. He says most people are liars but he would help the people who are honest. He believes that if you have money, the world is in your pocket!

Dream A Day | Tuesday

Living Within Means

Sunanda from Mcleodganj, works in the handicrafts business. It was always her passion.  She dreams to get a budget planned that gives the middle class & lower class ample facilities.

Dream A Day | Monday

My Fortune, Myself

Tenzing Bhima, from Dharamsala, is a student of Finance from Delhi University. She has applied for a job with the government because the Tibetan government is in exile. She, and all of Tibet dreams for middle ground between China & the Dalai Lama.

Dream A Day | Saturday

Change The Past

Uday Prakash from Haryana thinks that because of his accident, he has crippled the future of his children. He would change the past if he had the chance.

Dream A Day | Friday

Tab on Inflation

Manoj Kumar Sharma from Himachal Pradesh dreams of lending a helping hand to the needy and keeping a tab on inflation in our country.