Dream A Day | Tuesday

No Complaints

Shantaben from Gujarat runs a jerry can business. She dreams of owning a plot of land and give her children a good life.

Dream A Day | Monday

Diverse Dreams

Sifi Angiram from Udaipur is a hotel interior decorator. He dreams of establishing a hotel with interiors that create a unique experience for the customer.

Dream A Day | Friday

Honest Dreams

Sarfaraz Qureshi from Saharanpur, Madhya Pradesh questions religion He dreams to make the education system a two way traffic- learning, teaching & imparting knowledge.

Dream A Day | Thursday

Dilip Kumar Dreams

Shafeeq Ahmed from Bhopal is an aspiring actor. He dreams that every child gets an education because education prepares society to fight against all odds.

Dream A Day | Wednesday

Beat Dell Someday!

Sushrita, a student from Hyderabad is a gadget fanatic. She dreams of starting a company that can beat Dell someday!


Dream A Day | Tuesday

Strive for Youth

This man from Bhopal has fulfilled all his dreams. He believes that a family that eats together, is happy together and strives to make his city of Bhopal full of love.

Dream A Day | Monday

A Dream for his Children

Shankar Singh Parmar from Mumbai is an ice cream seller. His dream is to be able to provide for his children.