In 2010, we asked ourselves where the value creation process, the design thinking process should begin from. The answer we arrived at, was that the dreams of people, all people have more potential than their needs. Entrepreneurs dream but so do slum children and so does every young person. We decided to venture out of our usual boundaries to find out if we could create the methods and systems to capture dreams and realize them.

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Happy Holidays Dreaming!

Wishing everyone A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!
Happy holidays everyone!

-The DREAM:IN Team

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Unity Dreams


Meet The New Dream Merchants | Sarah Jacob, Economic Times

Note from Sonia Manchanda, DREAM:IN Director- Design:

We have received a lot of support and guidance in realising the early stages of the DREAM:IN project. ‘We’ is now a throbbing, living and sparkling group of ideas and talent globally, committed to creating tremendous value and change. And we invite even more talent and support onboard!

Sarah Jacob has been studying the project and all its activities deeply for almost the entire year. She is a little genius who has explained a complex subject with great clarity. And brought radical design thinking to the front page of the Economic Times today. Check it out below.

‘Meet the New Dream Merchants’ -Wishes being distilled into ideas for potential biz ventures, by Sarah Jacob

Sonia Manchanda / sonia@idiom.co.in

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With No Comparison

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Proud Father