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Innovation Begins As A Social Movement | Bruce Nussbaum, FastCo

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It is not an accident that so many of our startup founders (Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Airbn, Slideshare) have design backgrounds and share so many of the competencies we associate with Jobs. The fact that design is being recognized in the startup space is a major victory for the field. But the real power of design may well lie in its reform of the venture capital process, which has traditionally been defined in terms of technology and functionality. Bringing design into the VC process early to define opportunities (identifying those who embody new groups and new cultures) and keeping it through the business development phase, has the potential to increase the dismal 10% success rate dramatically. India’s innovation and design consultancy Idiom has an 80% success rate in “designing out” new companies.

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Designing for Billions | Parsons School of Design, 7th Oct 2011

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How can we sustain lives, livelihood and the Amazon? João Tezza Neto

João Tezza Neto trained in Economics at the Federal University of Acre, Brazil, and has pursueda career focused on sustainable economic development in the Amazon rain forest, specializing in the initiation and management of certification processes for forest products and services. As Director of the Department of Markets and Forest Extraction of Acre, he coordinated the construction of productive infrastructure and the preparation of business plans for forest products, especially Brazil nuts (1999). Neto participated directly in the creation of social criteria for the Brazil nut that were approved by the fair trade certification agency FLO International (2000). Subsequent positions have involved him in projects including the development of socio-environmental criteria for assessing the sustainability of fruit production across the Amazon. He currently serves as Technical- Scientific Director of Amazonas Sustainable Foundation, part of a team responsible for implementing the Bolsa Floresta (“forest allowances”) program in the Amazon Protected Areas, which rewards traditional communities for adopting alternatives to deforestation.

The next speaker for the day was João Tezza Neto spoke about various aspects of the work he is involved in Brazil. Joao started off by sharing facts about Brazil, climate change and life in the Amazonia. He spoke about how his institution is trying to promote sustainable involvement, environmental conservation and improvement in life quality for communities in protected areas in the state of amazonas. His organization, FAS is an innovative institutional framework that was created through a partnership of public (Amazonas State Government) and private sector (Bradesco Bank). FAS (Amazonas Sustainable Foundation) has the support of a few other corporates and 90% of it’s resources come from the private sector. FAS is responsible for implementing the Bolsa Floresta program, the goal of which is to reward traditional populations for maintaining environmental services provided by rainforests through investments in life quality improvement and making forests worth – more standing than cut.

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Designing for Billions | Parsons School of Design, 7th Oct 2011

Designing for Billions”, a conference organized by School of Design Strategies faculty members Carlos Teixeira and Bruce Nussbaum as part of the Stephan Weiss Visiting Lecture Series at Parsons, examines new opportunities for designers, entrepreneurs, activists, policy makers and investors in the context of emerging markets. “Designing for Billions” specifically focuses on open innovation systems in India, Brazil, and China, analyzing the convergence of design practices, entrepreneurship, activism, philanthropy and venture capital in these dynamic emerging economies.


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Dreams A Day | Wednesday

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Bubbly’s Dream

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Designing for Billions | School of Design Strategies, New York

DREAM:IN | Designing for Billions

Designing for Billions

Emerging markets have grown very rapidly in recent decades, giving rise to both hope and anxiety about this trend’s potential economic, social and environmental consequences. “Designing for Billions,” a conference organized as part of the Stephan Weiss Visiting Lecture Series at Parsons, examines new opportunities for designers, entrepreneurs, activists, policy makers and investors in the context of emerging markets. In particular, the conference and associated issue of the Journal of Design Strategies explore several recent initiatives aimed at developing dense, dynamic and open innovation systems through which market and social actors can envision, shape, transform and implement inclusive prosperity and sustainable lifestyles, on an unprecedented scale. “Designing for Billions” specifically focuses on open innovation systems in India, Brazil, and China, analyzing the convergence of design practices, entrepreneurship, activism, philanthropy and venture capital in these dynamic emerging economies.

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