Chapter Evolution and DREAM:IN 2.0!

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The revolution continues. And the evolution of the DREAM:IN movement.

More and more interested individuals and institutions are drawn to becoming a part of the movement following the DREAM:IN Journey and Dream Conclave launched from Idiom Design and Consulting Ltd in January 2011. And the future looks brighter than before. Dreaming up a future that can be realized is far more positive than grappling with present-day needs that appear as problems. As DREAM:IN goes viral and global, driven by design philosophy and an transformational methodology, it also becomes a demonstration of India’s soft power radiating outwards from Bangalore, the city seen as a Dream Junction for the convergence of ideas, industry, technology and innovation.

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DREAM:IN Bangalore Chapter (and a preview to DREAM:IN 2.0)

The Bangalore Chapter of DREAM: IN will be the precursor of many such chapters across the world. DREAM:IN works across India, United States of America and Brazil, at present.

As you already know, DREAM:IN is a global movement launched in Bangalore, India, in January 2011 that involved 101 DreamCatchers who brought in 3000 dreams of the common man which were analyzed for insights at the DREAM:IN Conclave of entrepreneurs, investors and multi-disciplinary experts that followed.

DREAM:IN is now poised for its Second Phase in January 2012 – DREAM:IN 2.0 – an even more audacious voyage of 400 DreamCatchers across India aimed at catching 10,000 dreams that will be read using DREAM:IN’s innovative design methodology to generate a basket of ideas for ventures that will bring about sustainable change in society.

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