A Light in the Dark | Naveen’s Dream

A few days ago we received a dream on our dream@dreamin.in id in response to the Chalk Art for the ‘Festival of Dreams‘ this Saturday 2nd July, 2011. We are ecstatic. This is what Naveen Kattemane, a resident from Indiranagar had to say:


Its 9.45pm and it caught my attention even if it was dark. Literally turned my bike and read those message through my bike’s light and first thing what i am doing is writing my dream.

1. giving a fabulous future to my son dhruv and yet to b born son /daughter,with world class education and all the worldly things.
2. have a early retirement and buy a estate in coorg(my home district ) and settle down with my parents and wife in a timeless world.
3. do something for my community, home town, my school and to all those rural youngsters. Ideally train,groom the rural youth to take on the urban legends in all aspects of life and career and inspire them to replicate the same with others.
4. go on world tour every year(world is not enough)
5. start a business in bangalore based on adventure tourism,training & developments,f&b,
6. write a book,keep writing blogs and inspire,amuse people around…
7. now few material things at this moment,fire my boss,buy a car,get a tattoo,get a flat tummy,develop myself etc.

Thats all as of now.i am glad that i wrote it down and sending it to this id


Thankyou so much Naveen. Your dreams are up on the Dream Tree! Hope to see you at the festival.

‘Festival of Dreams’, 2nd July 2011 | Indiranagar Dreams

Once you start dreaming, a world of possibilities opens up!

Dear Dreamers,

We are a design business that has over the years, partnered with many businesses to design, innovate and create tremendous value for business and for society. Over the past six months, we have been deeply involved in a revolutionary national project that takes a completely novel approach to transforming people’s lives and society.

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Guerilla Chalk Art Promotion for ‘Festival of Dreams’, 2nd July, 2011

Once you start dreaming, a world of possibilities opens up!

Before Bangalore City wakes up, we have a surprise for you. Keep your eyes peeled around Indiranagar for chalk art drawn on every odd corner telling you to SMS your dream, on a popular bench letting you know you can share your dream with us at the DREAM:IN Center and even on trees inviting you to join us at the ‘Festival of Dreams’!

Wake up, start dreaming and join us for the ‘Festival of Dreams’. Come be a part of this exciting movement and share with us your dreams for yourself and your neighbourhood! Join us on the 2nd of July at the DREAM:IN Center at Idiom Design and Consulting, 1st cross, 1st stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore 560038.

Record your dream, Find out what others are dreaming about, Meet big dreamers, Paint/draw/bring a dream alive!

Entry: Free for all
Date: Saturday, 2nd July 2011
Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Venue: DREAM:IN Center
Idiom Design and Consulting, 1st cross,
1st stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore 560038

Email: dream@dreamin.in
Call: 9341626990
Visit to register!

Green Dreams of Bangalore

The green dreams of Bangalore that were presented at the International Conference of Innovative Cities (CICI 2011) in Curtiba, Brazil