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Project “My Green Dream” is launched at the Innovative Cities
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If we dream alone, it’s just a dream. If we dream together, it is reality!

Parsons, The New School for Design, hosted its first annual fest between 7th and 28th May, 2011 in New York. An integral and important part of this festival was the DREAM:IN presentation that took place on 10th May, 2011. This report talks about the exciting events that took place.

Young Dreamer Makes Headlines!

Indian schoolboy rewrites history on the Himalayas

A 17-year-old schoolboy created a new record by becoming the youngest in the world to ascent Mt Lhotse, the 4th highest peak.
Kathmandu IANS: A 17-year-old schoolboy from a New Delhi suburb, who became a climbing sensation last year by becoming the youngest Indian to conquer Mt Everest, created a new record Friday by becoming the youngest in the world to ascent Mt Lhotse, the fourth highest peak.

After an aborted attempt last week due to bad weather, Arjun Vajpai, from Noida near the Indian capital, finally stood on the 8,516 m summit at 8.15 a.m., reported Asian Trekking, the Kathmandu-based mountaineering agency that had been handling the teen’s climbing expeditions since last year.

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“The Dream is Going On Now in Brazil” | Tomas Cunzolo Jr.

Tomas Cunzolo Jr and Carmen Augusta

Our dear friend, Tomas Cunzolo Jr. from Brazil shares with his impressions on DREAM:IN and the future for DREAM:IN & Brazil.

“I first heard about the Dream:In Project from Carlos Teixeira Professor at Parsons The New School of Design, some months ago. I did not really understood what it was about until I stepped in Bangalore and saw everything happening in front of my eyes.

Based on Idiom Design and it’s branch of Education called Spread, a team of multi disciplinary professionals from all over the World dared to drop all their preconceived ideas and judgments and listen to the dreams of Indians; these dreams in reflect a lot of our Zeitgeist (the spirit of our time) and became very inspirational to design new solutions.

After taking part of the Dream:In team in January, 2011 helping training their students, I could not resist but come all the way again from São Paulo, Brazil to Bangalore, India to see how this process of design thinking would develop.

On the Conclave, for 04 days, we had the chance to listen to several of the collected dreams, meet some of these dreamers personally and listen to them, feel their vibration and enthusiasm. We also met some Big Dreamers, people that have already achieved something real and were also there to make us believe that our dreams as theirs can also become true.

With all this content, we worked hard with scholars, professionals and catalysts to DREAM on REALITY and think and CREATE solutions for a better INDIA and a better WORLD.

From my personal experience, all this has been amazingly impacting. Sometimes it seems I have also dreamt and waked up from a long sleep. Everything is possible with our minds and creativity. We need to Dream, and realize.

After the Dream:IN I am starting a new and more fulfilling time both professionally and personally speaking, applying all I have learned in my day to day.

The Dream is going on now in Brazil…”

“Green Dreams Around the World” | Curtiba, Brazil

“Green Dreams Around the World” | Sonia Manchanda, Director- DREAM:IN

Map your dreams and make them a reality.

This initiative’s goal is “Green Dreams Around the World” and has been officially presented on the last day of the International Conference of Innovative Cities (CICI 2011), conducted by the Federation of Industries of Paraná (Fiep).

The idea is inspired by the Dream-in project held in Bangalore (India). The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) requested the managing committee of International Training Centre for Local Actors in Latin America (CIFAL), which is coordinated locally by Fiep and located inCuritiba, for this initiative.

The CIFAL has been given the responsibility to create the pilot project.  It is aimed at mobilisation with the theme of environment and sustainability, and a characteristic ability to be replicated, in order to be adopted by other cities around the world.

The pilot project’s focus is to rally support from the streets of theCuritibatowards the green dreams of the population. For this, a team of 85 “dream catchers” were equipped with mobile phones and digital cameras, to collect testimonies on video—for about a minute.

The material’s intent is to feed the global discussion on the future of the planet. Rio will be the centre of world attention exactly one year from now, when the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), which occurs 20 years after the Eco 92, will be held.

When opening the panel presentation of the project, the president of the Federation of Industries of Paraná (FIEP), Rodrigo da Rocha Loures, highlighted the importance of the initiative. “Everybody has a dream, which will be translated into a vision ofCuritibagreen. Let’s hear the dreams of ordinary people and bring these voices to be heard in the global leadership. We will encourage the dream of the people. (sic)”

In the panel on “Green Cities: Towards Rio +20 Conference”, the public were informed about a website —www.meusonhoverde.com.br—where green dream videos would be grouped.

Sonia Manchanda presented the Indian dreams captured inBangalorefor the Dream-in project, which served as inspiration forCuritiba. Over a thousand testimonies were captured from across India. The “ordinary” people spoke about their personal dreams for a better life.

Thinkers from across cities—public administrators, planners, engineers, managers, entrepreneurs, financiers, academics—proposed to draw public, social, environmental and business-based policies on these dreams. “Dreams have no limits. Begin to dream,” said Sonia.

Joy Rose, technical advisor SESI-PR, explained that the initiative “My Green Dream” is preparing the city for a new vision of sustainability. “Unlike what we had in Eco 1992, now there is a chance to look and see what can be different. The idea is to bring innovation and a new view of reality and social networks will help us.” He added: “Mental attitude is the starting point, raise awareness of the responsibility of each one. The change depends on us.”

Rodrigo Rocha Loures closed the panel noting that it is necessary to enter the third industrial revolution and that there is no time to lose. “We need to innovate and act sustainably. We will not change the planet, but we can change the world, which is our city, our neighborhood, our country.”

(To read this article in Portuguese and to learn more about the ‘The International Conference of Innovative Cities – CICI2011’  click here)

DREAM: IN Conclave | 16th-19th February, 2011

From the 16th to the 19th of February, 2011, the DREAM:IN Conclave brought together a diverse group – of Indian and International talent, skill and mind- Big dreamers, design thinkers, entrepreneurs, investment experts, creative thinkers, policymakers thinking together. rolling up their sleeves and working together.

Dreaming together.

The DREAM:IN Project | A Recap..

An optimistic yet rational demonstration that dreams can be captured and converted into reality. A unique exploration within. Beyond needs. Beyond greed. A world of dreams.

Launched in India. Spread throughout the world.

A shifting landscape beyond words, numbers and boundaries. A sea of people and an ocean of dreams. A unique methodology and a brave journey. A meaningful social network. A jolt out of the comfort zone. Just to discover what can be.