Reality Check | DREAM:IN Quarterly Report Edition 1.0

Dear Dreamers,

We are very excited to share with you, our very first issue of Reality Check!
Enjoy the insights, spread the word and we hope that it makes you want to dream some more!

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Also, DREAM:IN is going international!

Parsons The New School for Design, New York is hosting a DREAM:IN Jam on the 10th of May. For more information log onto the DREAM:IN NY/ Parsons Festival blog.

Warm regards,
Sonia Manchanda/Project Director DREAM:IN

Direct from Our Meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil

A live update from Tomas Cunzolo Jr. directly from Brazil!

“Direct from our meeting in São Paulo, presenting DREAM:IN videos, pictures material, with Claudia, Ana Claudia, Carmen, Lizete and Renata from Mundareu, Renato Hoffer, Manoel Benevides and Pedro.

We are all very excited talking about our experiences, how it is developing, how we can develop in Brazil..

and so on…

Dreaming on..”

Big Dreamer Sessions: Srivatsa Krishna

In this recalibrating presentation, Srivatsa Krishna, a ‘babu’ as he calls himself, of the IAS (Indian Administration Service) shares with us another side to the Indian bureaucratic system- ‘babus’, much like him, who did dream extraordinary dreams and made a mighty impact on millions.

He narrates examples of the failure to launch corporate dreams within the Government, the success stories of the leaders within the Government that never made headlines and finally his dream to challenge how transformational leaders inside the Government can create a transformed India. The only lingering question is – Does every sector get the leader that it deserves?

Indian Official and writer Srivatsa Krishna Civil servant and columnist is an officer of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), India’s top management government cadre. He was awarded the President of India’s Gold Medal.  He went on to become the first serving IAS officer to complete the MBA Program at Harvard Business School. He was closely involved in the creation and development of the Cyberabad Municipality and Hitech City, which was valued by Goldman Sachs at $5.2b and mentioned as one of Modern India’s six marvels. The World Economic Forum at Davos honored him as one of its Top 100 Global Leaders for Tomorrow in 2003. He has in the past worked on financing, shaping and executing infrastructure projects in Asia and the Middle East. He writes a column called “Off The Record” in Wall Street Journal’s India edition.

‘Capturing Emotions’ by Team Shweth

A lovely sentiment to the journey experienced by Team Shweth!


Voice of the Common Man

For the past few days in current affairs, Anna Hazare, veteran social activist, pledges ‘fast unto death’ demanding greater public role in the Anti-Corruption Bill, an affirmation of the grit & power of the common man!

In the spirit of participating in the revolution, here is Rama’s dream, an 83 years old ice-candy seller from Mumbai, who hopes that one day the municipal bodies curb their corrupt ways.

Big Dreamer Sessions: Bharat Bala

It’s been a joyous moment for India with our ‘men in blue’ winning the World Cup after a long 28 years. We are still recovering from the World Cup haze and to commemorate this amazing endeavor we have an inspirational speaker for you.

In the year 1996, his father sat him down and challenged him to create a big idea for India. From then on, Bharat Bala, film-making guru, made India his passion. He takes us on his exceptional journey of creating the rousing video, ‘Vande Mataram’. He shares with us how he gave A.R Rehman his first music album, his big ‘business-class catch’ and the many hurdles he faced in the effort of selling India back to Indians. ‘Anything is do-able’, he says and in the end we felt the energy of his dream. The rest as they say, is history.

A person who breathes life into his visuals through real places and people, Bharatbala tells Indian stories with a universal sensibility to a world audience. Like Brazilian director Water Salles and Chinese director Zhang Yi Mou, who have brought stories from their countries into the world cinema space, Bharatbala too is passionately working towards showcasing stories from India to an international audience. Bharatbala has worked with different genres of film communication in his 20-year career. Over the years, he has made popular television commercials for Indian and International brands, worked on docu-features, music videos and created novel short film concepts, especially public campaigns. Bharat Bala produced the acclaimed Vande Mataram video and Jana Gana Mana Video and heads BharatBala Productions based in Mumbai and Chennai.

How would you create new meaning for your India? Tell us!

India, A ‘Model’ for the World

DREAM:IN was fortunate to work with innovative and creative minds from Parsons The New School for Design, New York. Heico Wesselius shares his reflections with us.

“DREAM:IN is a phenomenal journey and allows us to look at innovation from the bottom up. The entire experience has accumulated in a new way of thinking, not only pertaining to this project. Furthermore, DREAM:IN allows ordinary citizens of India to come together and develop creative, local solutions to the problems they face within their communities.

The entire process is driven by design and allows all participants to contribute to local activism efforts in a simple and efficient way. DREAM:IN allows us to support projects on an ongoing bases, and to co-create with established and emerging leaders who have the capacity to dream. The goal is to help the 1.2 billion Indians bring their dreams to fruition through various projects in order to make India ‘a model’ for the world.”

Heico Wesselius started his career as a Fellow at McKinsey & Company. He spent 8+ years as a Management Consultant for IBM Business Consulting Services (IBM BCS) advising leading companies on issues of strategy, organization and technology in North-America, Europe and Asia. Mr. Wesselius has held a principal faculty position at Parsons The New School For Design for the past 6+ years where he teaches courses in strategic management, entrepreneurship and business design. He is the principal sponsor on the Master course between Parsons and Columbia University called ‘Design and Marketing of Luxury Goods’.