Big Dreamer Sessions: Bruce Nussbaum

Bruce Nussbaum of Fast Company, leads a very interesting life. His tenacious drive provides us deep insight into the true truth of what he aspired to be. In his (two-part) intriguing spiel, he shares with us his experiences growing up in New York, joining the Peace Corps. and his epiphany and involvement in Design & Innovation, finally leading him in his journey back to India.

Bruce Nussbaum blogs, tweets and writes on innovation, design thinking & creativity. Former assistant managing editor for Business Week, he is currently a Professor of Innovation and Design at Parsons and writes for Fast Company. In 2005, I.D. magazine named him one of the 40 most influential people in design.

How have you led/ continue to lead, an interesting life? Share them with us.

The Time for Design!

It surely is that time! Paolo Zanenga notes his impressions on DREAM:IN and design thinking.

“The DREAM:IN experience had for me several impacting meanings:

Ratio between amplitude and speed – hundreds of “dreams” gathered in a short span of time, generated new perspectives and visionary projects aswell as concrete action plans and bankable realizations – a demonstration of design thinking power (and Idiom capabilities!)

Time for Design more than for Implementation – in a complex context, spending time upfront in defining details (to be honed afterwards) is useless.

The value of a Prototype – the experience is scalable in any world area, and establish a new world-class method.

Passion and smartness of Indian people I worked with – especially young people, and women were fantastic.

What we understand nowadays in India is a lesson for the world –the complex transition from the (mainly Western) industrial model to a new “digital model”, is observed in India through a rich and open multicultural compound, ancient and contemporary, helping to sweep away minds of ephemeral biases and to conceive new social and business models.”

Paolo Zanenga has graduated in Mechanical Engineering, and participated to several international research programs. His main experience is relevant to relationships between technology and society, including enterprise modeling, organization economy, product strategy. Presently he teaches ‘Complexity of Innovation Networks’ at the PhD School of the Turin Politecnico; he is also guest lecturer in Domus Academy, Politecnico di Milano, Copenhagen Business School, Parsons The New School of New York, Hult International Business School.


Big Dreamer Sessions: Ramesh Vangal

In his robust presentation, Ramesh Vangal, Chairman of the Katra Group, narrates his own experiences by throwing light on the agricultural sector. He recounts his interaction with farmers when he led PepsiCo. into India and appeals to everyone to understand the rural mindset for it is the only way to break the equality divide.

Ramesh Vangal is Chairman of the Katra Group which has built a strategic presence across diverse sectors including wellness, technology and infrastructure. He led PepsiCo’s entry into India, which became the basis of a Harvard Business School case study.

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A Project Long Overdue..

Some kind words shared by Professor Ramnath Narayanswamy on his impressions and recollections of DREAM:IN.

“DREAM:IN is an audacious project that was long overdue in this country. It seeks to unbundle the creative energies of the Indian people in a manner that has not been attempted before. This single fact alone accounts for its uniqueness. But there is more. By capturing the dreams of various segments of society drawn from worlds that are hugely divergent (the tribal and feudal to the modern and post-modern) and attempting to translate those dreams into reality, DREAM:IN is a project that needs widespread encouragement and support.

Among other reasons, the fact that India is going to have the largest number of young people in the world in the next twenty to thirty years makes it a powerful engine of substantive and profound social, political, economic and cultural transformation. I wish them enduring success in these radical endeavors.”

Ramnath Narayanswamy is a Professor in the areas of Economics and Social Sciences at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore. His areas of interest include Business and Society, Economic Reforms in Transition Economies, Spirituality and Self Development, Entrepreneurship in the Creative Sector, Outsourcing, and Creativity and Innovation. During the fall of 2009, he is a visiting professor at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. He also participated as a Dreamcatalyst in the DREAM:IN Conclave.

Thank you so much Prof. Ramnath. It would not have turned out so well without your participation.

Big Dreamer Sessions: Kishore Biyani

Posing an influential question, Mr. Kishore Biyani, Group CEO of Future Group asks how we can meet the aspirations of young India. In this brief talk, he questions the difference between humans and animals and how we can increase imagination to develop ‘thought leadership’ for the Nation.

Kishore Biyani is the Group CEO of Future Group, one of India’s leading business houses with multiple businesses in the consumption space. He is an entrepreneur who has been credited with changing the face of modern retailing in India, and was listed among India’s 50 Most Powerful People in 2009 in Bloomberg Businessweek.

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The Wait is Over!

So much has happened and we are just about finished collecting everything to post up on the blog and we can’t wait to share them with all of you.

We would appreciate your opinions, ideas, questions and suggestions, so stay tuned to this space!

The Asmani Journey!

Flow How from Team Asmani recounts their memorable journey in this great video! Thank you for sharing with us. We wish we were there after this.