Just The Beginning!

It’s been a marathon & a big success so far! But the best is yet to come.

DREAM:IN Journey gave 101 dreamcatchers the chance to explore our incredible country (India). When they returned, they were not the same! As we watched the dreams they had brought back, we changed as well. But so had many others- those who had travelled halfway around the world, leaving behind their busy schedules in order to join us and participate in the DREAM:IN Conclave.

We established that dreams are the fuel that life runs on; that dreams need to be and can be captured; that DREAM:IN is an innovation breakthrough! And once you start dreaming, talent and funds follow.

Alfred wants to take DREAM:IN to Chile,
Ricardo Leite wants a DREAM:IN Rio,
Nish is ready for DREAM:IN Sri Lanka,
Claudia Davis, Carmen Archilla & Rosa want to help make DREAM:IN Brazil!

But hold on, we’ve had a successful prototype and we now have the responsibility of creating a sharp, smart and clear vision. Come join us in an open (and messy) brainstorming process.

Send in your ideas over the weekend and we will consider them in making DREAM:IN 2.0 a bigger success!

Idiom’s Own Shares His Dream

Idiom designer, Himanshu, shares his constructive & compelling dream in sign language.

Quotes from Paul Polak

This morning we woke up to a mail from Paul Polak, entrepreneur, inventor, self- identified “troublemaker” & author of Out of Poverty. Here is what he wrote-

“I woke up this morning with this buzzing around in my head,

Dreams come from people’s feet, not their words. Words were invented by the devil to drown the dreams that connect people to God. To learn about people’s dreams you have to watch how they move their feet and not be distracted by the words that come out of their mouths.”

Thank you Paul. We’ll be paying attention to everyone’s feet from now on.

Winding Down

It’s been a wild ride – 4 action packed days and a significant lead up for lots of us to make the DREAM:IN Conclave happen. Time for rest and reflection to feed our onward dreams…

Dream Investment

Bruce Nussbaum and Sonia Manchanda introduced the DREAM:IN process to our new guests who included folks from finance, strategy, investment and funding backgrounds. Representatives of Helion Ventures, Acumen Fund, Parsons School of Design Strategy, Steelcase, Future Group and Fast Company were joined by others to form a tight group of focused specialists.

Discussions extended to human capital (individual talent and skills), social capital (trust & knowledge)  and structural captial (platforms and physical spaces). Together the group brainstormed progressive ways to invest in the kinds of projects which were devised in yesterday’s sessions. Scale, entrepreneurism, sustainable business models and measurability were significant considerations – while keeping in mind the essence of the people-centered insights gained during the Dream Journey.

Big Dreamers: New York

A dream is an idea which has begun to smile – Ken Stevens

Ken Stevens is an industrial designer, inventor, entrepreneur, and an Associate Professor in the School of Design Strategies, Parsons the New School for Design. Via his design consultancy, Mind Stuff, Ken develops products and is the holder of thirty patents across diverse fields.

This was so wonderful, I want to do it again! Brazil! – Bruce Nussbaum

Bruce Nussbaum blogs, tweets and writes on innovation, design thinking & creativity. Former assistant managing editor for Business Week, he is currently a Professor of Innovation and Design at Parsons and writes for Fast Company. In 2005, I.D. magazine named him one of the 40 most influential people in design.



Zealous discussion and iterative thinking has unfolded during today’s group sessions.

Combining playful methods and serious issues has been providing a potent mix of ideas from multi-disciplinary, inter-generational and trans-national teams. Concepts have been coming thick and fast, including a youth oriented Ticket-to-Parliament reality TV show, Ayurvedic-based fast food outlets, Indi-pedia – a collaborative knowledge repository and telco-funded edu-cafes. Plus a plethora of other dynamic projects!

Workshop sessions have been punctuated by presentations from a range of visionary dreamers – including Ken Stevens (above) from Parsons the New School, New York.