Design Thinking Workshop at Design Park Bangalore

DREAM:IN hosted a short 2-hour workshop on Design Thinking and Dreamscaping at the first annual Design Park, at Freedom Park, Bangalore on 21st Feb, 2015. The workshop was a mini version of one DREAM:IN’s flagship Dreamcamp events. Design Park, part of the India Design Mark Exposition, was a 3-day design event that hosted fun design workshops, talks, movie screenings, performances along with great food and live music under the Bangalore sun. The exhibition showcased many great design products from India and Japan, as well as a student design exhibit. And the fact that it was held at Freedom Park, once a jail that housed many freedom fighters during India’s revolution, and recently designed into a new beautiful park, couldn’t be any more appropriate for a design exposition.

Just within the last few years, we have seen more entrepreneurs, startups, incubators, and accelerators emerge than ever before, and we can especially see this trend happening currently in India. As more and more businesses and startups, including companies on the Fortune 500 list, are implementing design thinking into their strategies, it is vital for new businesses to apply a design thinking mindset to create new meaning, and value within their company. As this trend continues, we will definitely see the merge of business and design in the near future, while incubation and startups will have close to no value without the use of design thinking. New companies must stay competitive by using design thinking to create new ideas and products for their market.


The workshop was opened by a welcome talk from Sonia Manchanda, co-founder of DREAM:IN and Idiom Design & Consulting, a presentation titled, ‘Design Impacts Life’ followed by a short ‘Design Detour’ film on Design Thinking. Participants were then broken up into pairs by picking a card with a word on it, and instructed to find their partner who picked a card with the same word, which helped to ‘break the ice’. Once broken into groups, we introduced the concept of dreams by showing sample dreams taken directly from DREAM:IN’s online portal along with DREAM:IN’s validated tool, the Dreamscape. As an example, we showcased a completed dreamscape by a dreamer who successfully completed the Dreamcamp path whose venture is currently up and running successfully. Now it was time for the participants to put the practice of dreamcatching and dreamscaping to use; each group took turns catching the dream of their partner. Once both dreams were captured by each other’s partner, they once again took turns to expand on each other’s dreams using DREAM:IN’s Dreamscape methodology. There were some amazing ideas that came out of that 45 minutes of capturing the participants’ dreams. Three groups of participants shared their dreams, and received expert feedback from industry specialists Girish Raj, co-founder of Idiom Design & Consulting & DREAM:IN, and Sandeep Dhar, former CEO of Tesco. A few of the dreams that came out of the workshop was an idea to popularize Karnataka art+culture, a clothing design company, digitalizing temple/pooja services, and upscaling an already up-and-running venture that delivers breakfasts to home and offices in Bangalore.

The concept of dreamscaping is one of DREAM:IN’s main methodologies. The dreamscape tool aids in creating sketches, scenarios, and scapes for your big idea, which helps to bring it alive and give it life. The format of the dreamscape is created to be as if you are pitching your movie idea to a producer. In that sense, you have to write the headline of your dream, the plot of your idea or the big central idea, the “3 acts” of your film or the three major steps of your dream becoming realized, along with writing down all the characters in your venture which is who your targeted market is, your investors, your partners, and anyone else who may be helping with your venture. The last step is for you to sketch ideas of your venture, which begins the process of designing your logo and the physical the layout of your location if you have one. Visualization of your dream is an important step towards realization for budding entrepreneurs because it brings more clarity to your dream. Additionally, if others can “see” it as well, it helps them to believe in the dream rather than just hearing an idea.


Everyone was really into the workshop, and were having lots of fun. We have received many comments from participants that they really enjoyed the workshop and are excited for our next rounds of Dreamcamps. To stay up-to-date with Dreamin and the upcoming Dreamcamps, make sure you head to our portal (, make a free account, and upload your dream!

“The whole environment was fun and was a brilliant workshop! We need more workshops like this with various sectors!”
– Faizal Poonthala, Future Group

“I liked how the workshop approach set up a design perspective instead of a business perspective which I think we really need for our businesses to become successful.”
–  Ashwin Chandra, co-founder of Brekkie

Get set to bring design to stage zero of your awesome enterprise!
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The Dream Tree Travel Arounds India

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 4.52.33 PM

           The Dream Tree Project by DREAM:IN is the creation of a set of design thinkers across borders. It is designed to challenge us to create, not for the people’s need, but for their dreams. By starting to dream, by channeling dreams, we free ourselves. It gives us a bigger, grander canvas for new creation.The project is an effort to create a growing, qualitative, database of dreams. And a dream-based design thinking method. That can then be available as an open source to conceive ideas.

The idea was sprouted from ancient Indian traditions. At holy places in India, there’s a tradition of tying ‘wishes’ on trees. With bestowing honor to that tradition, we want people to approach the tree where they can write down their deepest dreams onto tags, and tie the tag upon the tree. We believe that dreams are some of the simplest terms which defines a person, hence we wanted to honor that by mixing the tradition with a modern representation.


The DREAM:IN Dream Tree is a world traveler and made its way around the world! The Dream Tree has been installed, showcased and collected many dreams at dream camps and workshops in São Paulo, Brazil, three cities across China and, of course, India, going along the lines of creating a Global Network of dreamers and mentors that Dream:IN is creating.


Back in 2011, Dream:IN’s Dream Tree, had traveled all across India gathering more than 9,000 dreams from all walks of life. Now, at its home in the Dream Center, at Dream:IN’s headquarters here in Bangalore, many dreams are still hanging from its branches. A miniature version of the tree was originally featured at the ‘Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities’ Celebration which celebrated 60 years of Indian and German diplomatic relations, in the ‘Deutsche Bank Pavilion’. The Dream Tree traveled with the festival to  different cities throughout India. By the end of the Mela, the tree had collected more than 9,000 dreams, and just at the Mumbai-leg of celebration, the Dream Tree collected more than 3,000 dreams alone!

p1000228 img_4173

This past weekend (Feb 20-22 2015), The Dream Tree made a new appearance at Design Park, the design exhibition at Freedom Park in Bangalore. When attendees walked in, and registered for the event, they also wrote down their dream on a small tag and tied it upon the tree. The tree has collected hundreds of dreams this weekend, with many people smiling as they were writing down their dreams.
One of our favorites from DesignPark:

Just days into the new year, an inspiring art piece called the ‘Plant Your Dream Project’ was showcased at the Rangoli Metro Art Center, here in Bangalore. The project consists of having dreamers write their dreams on small pieces of paper which represents the leaves of a tree. The project, who was thought up by two artists, Helena von Schoultz from Finland and Christina Maiorescu from Romania, both residents of Bangalore, has collected over 500 dreams on the Plumeria Tree, also known as the “Dream Tree”.

The Dream Tree is still growing and collecting dreams with the vision to spread the idea and power of dreaming to many people, worldwide. DREAM:IN and the Dream Tree are always open and happy to collaborate and partner with corporates/organizations hosting dreamcatching workshops and collecting the dreams of your employees. For more information on the Dream Tree or hosting a Dream Tree workshop at your workplace, email us at

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Google Launchpad’s First Time in India, Hosted by Idiom, at The Dream Center, Bangalore


After a successful run in London, Rio and Tel Aviv, the first Google Launchpad event in India is being hosted between Feb 2nd and 6th at the Idiom office/DREAM Center, Bangalore.

What is Google Launchpad?
Google Launchpad is a five-day mentorship program for early stage startups and will be focused on mentorship areas that include Product strategy, UX/UI, Technology, Go-to-Market/Marketing and more.


Each day in Google Launchpad is dedicated to a specific subject and includes presentations, one-on-one mentorship, and a lot of focused work. The idea is to achieve rapid progress in a very short time using a lot of resources and mentors experience.

The first edition of Launchpad was originally launched in Israel, and it was so successful that Google has had about 14 of these events there since then, with each batch having 15-20 startups.

For the Bangalore event, there are about 20 mentors, half who are Googlers from California and Israel, including Amir Shevat, Google’s startup outreach program manager.


Around 20 startups are a part of the mentorship program. Some of the startups are:

·       CoSight –  Helps make sales executives more efficient

·       Findulum/Smart Pocket – Manages all your loyalty cards on the phone

·       AdWyze – Provides interactive direct response solutions

·       Wazzat Labs – Delivers efficient image processing, computer vision and graphics solutions on mobile platforms

·       BabyChakra – Helps parents discover and decide on local services for their children

·       BlueHat (Englishdost) – BlueHat are a mobile education company targeting the B2C English learning market

·       Frilp – Helps find shops and services used and recommended by your friends, colleagues and other like-minded people

·       CashKumar – Allows you to get the best rate on foreign exchange

·       RightDoctor – Helps find the right doctor for your ailment

· – A story builder application

Idiom is the venue partner for this exciting event. The Google Launchpad event is taking place at the Dream Center, which is an encouraging space at Idiom, often used to think and work with entrepreneurs; exchange learnings, create big game changing ideas and take them from mind to market, with skill, speed and imagination.

The Dream Center has been designed to capture a spirit of organized chaos. Started years ago, there was a realization that folks, especially business folks, enjoyed chaos. Some of the most breakthrough ideas were created around a long table with basic sandwiches, loads of nimbu paani and coffee, open doors with people rushing about…a feeling that can be best compared to ideating at a traffic junction.

The Dream Center is a space that allows you to ask ‘what if’ or ‘why not’ questions…under a rain tree. A colorful, joyous space that morphs from a space and screen to gain inspiration from, in HD quality, to a space where the ideas flow free and fast. A space to learn, to co-create, to compete – to think, feel and most importantly, do!


Dream Feat – Write Leela Write – Rheea & Kalabati

This is our first ‘Dream Feat’ in 2015! We hope you enjoy, appreciate and benefit from hearing the inspiring stories of other local entrepreneurs who are working hard for the success of their venture. Our intention is to bring light to their path, to present how they started out, overcame obstacles, handled marketing & branding techniques, used design-thinking strategies, and more, ultimately leading to inspiring you and your venture.

Our first featured entrepreneurs of the new year are Rheea Mukherjee & Kalabati Majumdar, founders of the website ‘Write Leela Write’ (WLW).

symbol in dot

Dream:IN: Hi guys. Thanks to both of you for coming down to the DREAM:IN office today and spending some time with us. So to get things started, can you give us the overall idea of ‘Write Leela Write’?
RheeaWrite Leela Write is a design and content Laboratory, which might sound vague, but intentional. We started WLW to build a platform that would contribute and experiment with content,  visual narratives and creative conceptualisation.

Dream:IN: How did you get the idea for this? What inspired you to start this?
Kala: A few things; both of us weren’t cut out for jobs that didn’t  allow us to walk down our own creative path.  It was a good time to take a small risk and see if we could create and build a company of our own. I think it took some solid thought, and decent portion of passion to make the decision. Rheea and I worked well together and our creative vision and intent were aligned, so it made sense.

Dream:IN: How long have you guys been doing this?
RheeaWe just finished 8 months.

Dream:IN: Do you have a website?
Yes, We have a website and a Facebook page that keeps up with our latest adventures. We also have a community page, it’s called ‘Write Leela Write: Engage. Support. Be Curious.’ where we talk about local heroes in Bangalore. We do that  because we think local businesses need to be engaged with the community we live in, it sustains us and our business. We should be invested in it.

Dream:IN: So what kind of writing and design work do you do?
Well, I am a fiction writer and Kala is a textile designer by soul and education, but at WLW, we do graphic design, Illustration, and all sorts of content creation. So far we have been very lucky to have had our hands in a diverse pool of projects. We worked with a couple experimental projects centred around education, archiving and interviewing. We also have done  more traditional work like website design, brochures, campaign copy, and editing, and logo identities.


Dream:IN:  What has been recent on the Community Page you guys feature?
Rheea: The most recent organisation we featured was ‘compassionate clowns’. Compassionate Clowns is a group of performative actors that actually dress up and go to hospitals and play and entertain the kids completely pro-bono. We also featured Sinu Joseph, who was doing some amazing work around waste management solutions.

Dream:IN: How often do you come up and release with new posts?
Kala: We try and do one every month. There is no dearth of people who are working hard to make our city better, you just have to keep your eyes and ears out. I think that’s an important think to remember that a bunch of goodness exists in our world.

Dream:IN: Currently, how many followers do you have or users that come to your website?
Rheea: Uh. We might not be the hottest page on FB yet. I think we are a few under 600. Crossing fingers to hit a 1000 soon.
Editors Note: In case you want to help them become the hottest page on FB, go to and press ‘like’.

Dream:IN: How did you come up with the name? Who’s Leela?
Leela is a fictional character and a name both of us enjoyed. We have a page on our website that’ll tell you more about this mysterious lady who drives our business.

Dream:IN: What’s next? Anything up coming? Any new posts?
Rheea: Yeah. Something that we are doing completely separate from the business angle, is working on community videos with the help of Satyavrat who works with us at WLW.  So far, We have only been text based.  It is an initiative from our company, but it’s super difficult to fund, since we are not doing it for money. So far we have help from video editors, and a friend who generously lent us his camera but we invite fellow entrepreneurs to offer their skills/time too. Our first video idea is about chaiwalas in IndiraNagar. That’s the first step.

Dream:IN: How does ‘Write Leela Write’ make money?
Kala: Simply put, we offer content and design. To be more specific, our work includes brand identity, content strategy, design layouts, website copy, logo creation, brochures and creative conceptualising. We don’t really want to pigeon hole ourselves, we are open to almost anything that needs quality thought, content, and design.


Dream:IN: Do you have any tips or suggestions for other people considering entrepreneurship?
 If you have a good idea, you have to know how to execute it. That’s where sauce is. Sometimes people think a great idea is an easy path to entrepreneurship. For us, it has been easier because we took care of the hardest part of building our idea into a brand: the part where we decide what we sound and look like. Our website was made quickly because, essentially it’s what we do everyday: set a tone, write, copy, and create a visual story about a brand. With other companies, it can be a larger problem, especially product-based companies, you have to be able to create a uniquely consistent tone and visual narrative to allow your customer base to understand your brand, product or even a service.

Dream:IN: Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to design and communication?
Rheea:Haruki Murakami has been an odd but consistent inspiration to me. He has  indulged my bizarre-creative side.
Kala: I was raised in Calcutta, and have read a lot of regional children’s Bengali books that have really informed my aesthetic style.

Dream:IN: Would you consider yourselves socially conscience?
Rheea: In a way we try to be socially conscience. I think that it can be an overused word. It’s more interesting when what you do allows you to engage in your community more intimately. I think that automatically makes us better people, or at least gives us opportunities to see things from multiple perspectives.

Dream:IN: Where do you want to see yourselves as a venture in five years?
Kala: I would hope we would have a diverse and meaningful portfolio.I would like us to explore government-commissioned community work in design and content, I hope that’s one part of it. We would like to make a name in branding and communication intelligence  and work with local start ups.

To learn more about Leela, and read some of their great stories, head to their pages:

WLW Founders:  Kalabati Majumdar (L),  Rheea Mukherjee (R)

WLW Founders: Kalabati Majumdar (L), Rheea Mukherjee (R)

Dream Feat – Deepak Muraleedharan

This week we’re speaking with Deepak Muraleedharan from Kochi. His dream is to use gaming as a platform to help solve social and medical issues, hence creating Joconoi Solutions. We talked to him to learn more about how his idea on how gaming could help people around the world.

Dream:IN: Hi Deepak, Can you give us an overall picture of what ‘Joconoi Solutions’ does?
Deepak: We are a gaming company with an ideology of using game mechanics to solve real life social problems. We believe the gaming industry has that power to become something great. As our flagship project, we are “gamifying” the special needs sector, and are developing a game+hardware solution for children & adults with autism, spectrum disorder, ADHD, and learning disabilities. India has more than 10 million children people with special needs attention, so this is much bigger issue than we think.

Dream:IN: What does ‘Joconoi’ mean, and how did you come up with this name for your software/gaming company?
Deepak: “Joconoi” means gameboy in the Catalan language, so the meaning is “a gaming boy’s solution”. Because I am a hardcore gamer, and a designer by profession, I’ve done branding for several companies and I’m usually the one who find names for all of them. So what we did is we tried to look for words that we want in other languages so that there won’t be any “.com”/registration issues, and I was seeking for a name that’s not there, so we finalized “Joconoi Solutions”.

Dream:IN: How exactly do the games your company create help change lives?
Deepak: The games we create are helping children (at first), in many ways. Our concentration is on academics, social behavior, biofeedback, communication, along with art. We divide our games in to phases, such as if you have a 6 or an 8 year old child, they would have to go through a separate series of training. Our unique way of making content is that we have prominent people in the special needs field, teachers, parents, PhD holders, and even kids, who are helping us to design these games. We never copy anything from the web.

Dream:IN: Can you expand more on how your games can help the autism community? And other children with learning disabilities?
Children with autism have a very hard time concentrating on “bookish methods” of learning. By introducing affordable, interactive learning technology, their attention span will increase, which they can learn by having fun. The way we teach them syllabus-based subjects is very unique; the method has been developed by teachers with more than 25 years of experience. Additionally, all the content is available in local languages which will help them to understand. Because there are more children with different sensory issues, our games are purely customizable to the core, so the parent & teacher can use their imagination in action and help the kids more.

Dream:IN: What ‘turned the light bulb on’ for you? What gave you the idea to start this venture?
Deepak: I will say, the idea just came to me really. It all started from an interview on a TV channel, (I am not a big fan of TV’s, but I know games have lot more potential than we think). The interview was about a “not-so-famous” singer/celebrity, who is doing music therapy to children with AUTISM. It’s the first time I heard that word, so I become curious and listened to the interview fully. For 3 weeks, I stopped thinking about it, but then I heard my distant relative sister has a PhD in autism. I began researching about autism for many days and then I realized the potential market behind it and went on to construct an idea around it.

Dream:IN: How did you find the idea that gaming could be used in a positive way to change lives?
Deepak: Actually if u think about it, everything we do is a game:

– exams are sort of games, we have to complete a task in the given time.
– going to office : do a task, in a given time, by tackling some obstacles and reach your destination.

When u think of life, our one day is like a level, we are beating each level to reach a long time goal, the only difference is, you don’t have an endless life, if u die, game over.

Like that, the way teachers take class to special needs children is a game, they just don’t realize it that’s all, and in my research I came to know technology can make a big impact. In fact sometimes teachers will make their own games to teach children.

Dream:IN: When did you start enjoying games? Also, what’s your favorite games to play?
I started playing games when I was in 2nd standard. I played close to almost 200 games in my life till now, and still counting.

My favorite game ? I like all games, I worked for 1 year as beta game tester for Games are like oxygen to me. Every day, I will play at least one level of a game before I sleep.

Dream:IN:  How can people view your games? Is there a way for people to test out the games?
Deepak: Yes, people can test it by Feb 2015. We are looking for investment now, our prototyping is almost complete, and we have a very good response from parents.


Deepak Muraleedharan, Founder of ‘Joconoi Solutions’

Dream:IN: If a reader knows someone with a learning disability or autism, is there a way they can get a copy of the game or get involved with your venture?
Deepak: Yes you can mail me at This I my personal id,  anyone who has interest can contact me. We welcome new ideas also.

Dream:IN: Do you have plans for new games in the future?
Deepak: Yes we are planning in a big way, after this we are coming to make every ones brain healthier

Dream:IN: What other problems would you like to solve with your games?
Deepak: There are so many! We have found problems in more than 20 sectors, to solve with games.

Dream:IN: Where would you like Joconoi Solutions to be in the next 5 years?
Deepak: The future is very bright and strong! We would like to extend Joconoi to many sectors, such as wearable’s, toys, board games, and artificial intelligence are just some of them. We like to “customize the future for the mass”.

Dream:IN: What’s next in the near future for ‘Joconoi Solutions’? What should we keep an eye out for?
Deepak: Games that can interact, and be your best friend. Games which can transform your surroundings into levels, play and earn real-time rewards.

Dream:IN:  Do you enjoy entrepreneurship? Would you ever go back and do it differently?
Deepak: I love entrepreneurship, it’s like a game you play in a hard mode. If I can’t make it, I will try harder and smarter to make that happen! I never quit any game! One day I played a level of a game called ‘DARKSIDE 2’ for two days, and then I finally did it!

Dream:IN: If people want to learn more, stay up-to-date, or follow ‘Joconoi Solutions’, what’s the best way they can stay connected?
Deepak: Mail me directly, I like to chat and meet new people.

Dream:IN: What tips do you have for other budding entrepreneurs who are just starting out?
Deepak: We are still a budding company, so I don’t think it’s appropriate to give tips but, NEVER QUIT!!

Dream:IN: Fun answers, thank you for your time Deepak!



Dream Feat – Mind Dots

We spoke to Durga, the co-founder and tech-team lead, of Mind Dots an app-development company, based here in Bangalore.

durga_photo (1)

Dream:IN: Hi Durga, Thanks for speaking with us today. Can you give us an overall picture of what Mind Dots does?
Durga: Mind Dots is a product engineering firm, with focus on api integration, cloud data automation and apps development for Smart TV, Google Glass, Watch and other Smart devices. MindPulpy automates, sync’s up the data, task between cloud applications, aggregates, manipulate, simplifies and mashup content from around the web’s api, gets data from any web protocol/authentication, method and convert into a developer friendly urls and built apps for multiple devices using Apps builder. Here is the platform url


Dream:IN: What was your “aha!” moment and knew that you should start Mind Dots?
Durga: Their is no ‘aha’ moment so far. We have started Mind Dots solely because of our passion towards digital medium.

Dream:IN: How did you get the idea to start this?
Durga: We are a small team based in Bangalore and having a passion for apis and cloud technologies. The idea by seeing an increase in app-development including Internet products, brands & mobile apps, we wanted to simplify consumer time by either aggregating data, rapid prototyping to multiple devices for developers and automating data exchange.

Dream:IN: What things in the industry are you trying to change and do new and differently?
Durga: We are trying to connect apps to devices, apps to apps via apis, in an easier and faster way.

Dream:IN: Are there any new features you plan on adding?
Durga: Currently we are in beta stage. We are adding features based on the market demand.

Dream:IN: What are your marketing tactics presently?
Durga: We currently rely on our partners.

Dream:IN: What has been some of the most memorable projects you’ve worked on?
Durga: Many memorable projects. Since we have a strict nda in place, we’re not supposed to talk about the third party projects here.

Dream:IN: What types of apps have you worked on?|
Durga: We worked on a plethora of apps across verticals and categories. Most of our apps are on top of third party apis.

Dream:IN: What the most interesting thing you find about app development?
Durga: We get to talk with several budding entrepreneurs, start-ups, studentpreneur and corporates for the app development. The interesting part is to hear their ideas and their views on solving the problems; Some really solve the hard problems in both the personal and business side, some make the process of our daily routine work smoother and better, some really assume the fictional problem, and some just ask for the clone/similar app.

Dream:IN: What do you think the future of app, and app development is? Furthermore, what do you think the future of mobile technology is?
Durga: As we all know that mobile & wearables is going to be everything for the next few years, I echo the same thought everything is getting/going to be connected, mobile is just a interface for I/O commands

Dream:IN: What tips do you have for other budding entrepreneurs who are considering entrepreneurship?
Durga: I really haven’t yet build that credibility in the industry so I cannot comment on this, however based on the last 5 year journey, i understand entrepreneurship is a very tough game to play, you need to commit at least for 15 to 18 months to see the cash flow along with the good supporting team.

Dream:IN: Great. Thank you for your insights in ‘Mind Dots’ and your thoughts on the industry and entrepreneurship.

DREAM FEAT – Shiva Kumar N

This week, we are featuring Shiva Kumar N who was recently featured in the Times of India. He was a newspaper vendor, working long hours for little pay. He started as a delivery boy but with his entrepreneurial spirit, he started his own distribution agency. Recently, he worked hard and received high marks on his CAT, which got him accepted into IIM-Calcutta, as a PGP Student. We wanted to speak with him about how he achieved his dreams, and what’s next for him, because he’s truly an inspiration to everyone here in the Dream:IN team, his peers, in his community, and to everyone he encounters.

DREAM:IN: Hi Shiva, thank you for speaking with us today. How long have you been selling newspapers? How old were you when you first started?
Shiva Kumar N: I have been selling newspapers for the past 11 years i.e. since 2003. I was 13 years old when I first started. I worked as a delivery boy from 2003 to 2007 and in 2007 I saw an opportunity to start an independent newspaper distribution agency. Since 2007, I have been running my own distribution agency.

DREAM:IN: How did you first get the job?
Shiva: Due to financial problems at home, I was looking for part-time jobs which could help to earn some money without stopping me from going to school. On one fine day, around 6 am, I saw a boy delivering paper in my neighbourhood. It suddenly flashed my mind that even I could start delivering papers between 4am and 6am and I’ll also be able to go to school without any issues. Then I figured out the nearby distribution centre and got a delivery job with one of the vendors there.

DREAM:IN: What was the toughest part of the job?
Shiva: I have always enjoyed whatever job I have done and never it as a burden. But it was a challenge to manage your work, as well as make sure that you don’t underperform in your academics. I started enjoying every bit of the challenge. I started setting goals, both in academics and work, and always gave my 100% to accomplish those goals. Time management and coping up with fewer hours of sleep were the few challenges.

DREAM:IN: So in 10th standard, you became an entrepreneur and started your own agency, can you tell us about it? What happened to that agency now? Is it still running?
Shiva: In 2007, I saw an opportunity to start my own newspaper distribution agency. But I had no money to invest in the venture. So I borrowed some money from my friend’s family and raised some more money through mortgaging my mother’s jewellery which was gifted to her during her marriage. Finally I started the venture in 2007 with less than 50 customers, and currently in 2014, our customer base has crossed 550. When I got admitted to IIM Calcutta, I started training my father to manage the business. Now currently he is running the agency in Bangalore. There are 5 delivery boys working under him and we are looking to grow the business after I pass out from IIM Calcutta.


DREAM:IN: That’s amazing, especially how you turned it into a family business, and employed your father as well as with how much it has scaled up. While you’re studying at IIM-Calcutta, we wish your father lots of success with the distribution agency. Can you tell us more about your experience and relationship with Krishna Veda Vyasa? Are you still in contact with him?
Shiva: When I was in 8th class, my family was facing a very bad financial situation. My school fees liability kept on increasing and we had no money to pay the fees. So I decided to approach anybody for help. But I had no friends or relatives who could help. One day at 5 am in the morning, I was delivering newspapers. One of my customers was standing near the gate waiting for the newspaper. That customer had very recently moved into that locality. I was a stranger to that customer and vice versa. During our first meeting, I figured out that he looks like an approachable person. So I approached him for help. His name was Krishna Veda Vyasa. He is funding for my education from 8th class to present. He is the only reason for me getting into IIM Calcutta. We have become good friends over the years. We chat about various topics whenever we get time. We are always in constant touch and discuss about each other’s life.

DREAM:IN: That’s really nice! You are lucky to have come across such a warm-hearted person. Do you see yourself ever dealing with newspapers again in the future?
Shiva: Yes, for sure!!! I might not work full-time in the newspaper business, but it will continue as a part-time business. I don’t want to forget my roots till the very end. It will keep running to keep us grounded, irrespective of what other lucrative ventures I start in the future. I will try to grow the business in the future and set aside the profits generated from it for helping the newspaper community. Now it’s time to give back whatever the newspaper has given to me. I would like to create a fund for helping the delivery boys/vendors/agents.

DREAM:IN: What’s your dream?
Shiva: My dream is to make my country proud in whatever I do and make it shine on the world map. I want the people around the world to look back at India through whatever work I do. I want to create Indian brands which will dominate all around the globe. And also support government in all their current and upcoming projects like Swachch Bharath/Make in India/Smart Cities etc…I want to dedicate myself for making India the best place to live in the world.

DREAM:IN: What’s your dream job?
Shiva: There is nothing called as dream job. Every job will have its own pros and cons. I want to be an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur will be more satisfying than working for a MNC. I want to create Indian brands which will dominate the global markets and make India & Indians proud.

DREAM:IN: And what about your charitable dream?
Shiva: I want to touch people’s lives in every possible manner to make their life more easy and peaceful. I would start with education and let’s see how I could build on it.

DREAM:IN:What made you want to go to an IIM?
Shiva: During my 3rd year of engineering, I got placed in Wipro Technologies. And I told this happy news to my uncle (Krishna Veda Vyasa). But my uncle told me that getting a job at Wipro will not make any drastic changes to my life. Yes, it will give a standard source of income, but that will not give you the freedom to explore your dreams of helping the society. By getting into IIM, I would be able to earn more and also I will mature into a better individual. This will give me better opportunities to explore new avenues in life and you will have the financial ability to help the needy. On my uncle’s advice, I got into IIM.

DREAM:IN: What was the process of you getting in Calcutta? Why did you choose to apply to IIM Calcutta vs other IIM?
Shiva: After I decided to appear for CAT, I enrolled into a tutorial and started preparing for CAT aggressively and the results went in my favour. It was my uncle’s decision to prefer IIM Calcutta over other IIMs. He wanted me to move out of my comfort zone (Bangalore) and get the exposure of the outside world. And with due credit to all IIMs, he also told me that people who pass out of IIM Calcutta will become a CEO one day.

DREAM:IN: What has been the biggest inspiration or motivation factor on your path to IIM-C?
Shiva: My uncle has been the biggest inspiration. He is the only reason for what I am today. He has changed my life completely. So now, even I want to change other student’s lives. But that will be possible only if I’m able to get into an IIM and do well for myself in life. It all started there and half-way through. Now I need to recognize talents and nurture them into future leaders of India.

DREAM:IN: What are your favorite subjects?
Shiva: Back during my school days, mathematics was my favorite subject. At IIM Calcutta, finance has been the most challenging subject. Because it is challenging, I like finance the most even though I perform very badly. I am trying hard to learn finance and perform well. Marketing and operations are also very exciting.

DREAM:IN: What’s some of your passions and hobbies?
Shiva: I am a huge cricket fan. I follow most of the sports. I am sports person too. I play TT, Pool, Badminton & Cricket. I have very recently started reading books. The few books which I have read are “The monk who sold his Ferrari”, “Rich dad and poor dad”, “Biography of Steve Jobs”.

DREAM:IN: When times were tough, what were some of the things that kept your head up high and kept you going?
Shiva: I have never felt that I was going through a tough time. I just enjoyed my life as it was. You need to have idols in life. One of my idols is Sachin Tendulkar. Even though he is the best batsman in the world and a sincere genuine servant of the game, it took him 22 years to win the world cup for his country. This sums up everything. It is a tough world; you need to just keep fighting your way through. One fine day, the world give up looking at your determination to succeed and you win.

DREAM:IN: So what’s next for you?
Shiva: It is just the beginning. The real challenge starts from here. I need to leverage the platform that is given to me. I will work on my entrepreneurial ideas and try to create Indian brands at the earliest and make India shine at the global scale. I also want to support government in all their projects such as Swachch Bharath, Make in India etc. And also, I want to work simultaneously on helping the needy in all possible manners and touch their lives in all areas to make it a peaceful experience.

DREAM:IN: Can you give our readers some words of wisdom with regards to achieving your dreams?
Shiva: You need to stop worrying about your problems and start enjoying every process of whatever you do. Be positive in your thoughts. Dream big, believe your abilities and have hopes of a better future. I have always kept things simple. Do your best and forget the rest. Everyone is here for a purpose. Identify your purpose and start fulfilling it. Never hurt anyone. Always try to bring smile on others face. Respect your parents and everyone else. Make India proud in whatever manner possible by you. Prioritize India first and everything else next.

DREAM:IN: Thank you so much for your time and inspirational words Shiva, you truly have an inspiring story, and your positive outlook on life and work does enlighten us all. We wish the best for your studies at IIM-Calcutta and for your future.